15 Questions/Phrases Every Ginger Dreads

Being a redhead gives us a level of uniqueness others cannot compare to. That being said, it appears that those apart from the redhead community feel that they are entitled to ask daring and unfiltered questions to us redheads, without thinking of the level of offense those questions might carry. Although I do respect those who speak their minds, at times I am astounded by the courage some individuals have. For my fellow gingers out there, I’m sure we can all relate to these outrageous questions we have been asked.


1) Do the curtains match the drapes?

Considering I am in public, trying to enjoy my day, I would prefer not to discuss my genitalia with complete strangers.

2) Do you have a soul?

Am I a human being? Gingers DO have souls, people.

3) Do you even leave your house on Kick a Ginger Day?

Yes, once I covered myself head-to-toe in armour for this cruel day I am about to encounter.

4) Hey Carrot Top!

I am not a vegetable; I would never call you broccoli head or tomato head.

5) Did you know redheads are crazy in bed?

I can depend my life on the fact that you will never discover the answer to the perverted question.

6) Do you have any relation to Satan?

No. However, I am assuming you do since you asked such a horrible question.

7) If you have red hair, why are your eyebrows so dark?

Have you ever seen a blonde with brown eyebrows? I am not an incongruous creature,

8) Why do you have so many freckles?

Because they are my premature skin cancer spots. Do you feel awkward for asking this question now?

9) Be careful in the sun!!! Don’t forget your SPF 30

I am a human, not a vampire. I can go in the sun without bursting into flames.

10) “Wow, you’re good looking for a ginger.”

Adding “for a ginger” to a compliment, does not make it a compliment.

11) Is that your natural colour?

Although this isn’t an insult, it is something us redheads are constantly asked. Why, yes it is, I grow it myself.

12) Where did the red hair come from: Mom or Dad?

Neither my mom or dad have red hair, so I guess the mailman?

14) Are you Irish? Scottish?

I don’t know if you’re aware, but other countries do have citizens with red hair.

15) Is your favourite holiday St. Patrick’s Day?

This may sound odd, but celebrating my love of leprechauns and clovers is actually not my favourite day of the year.

I hope my fellow redheads got a good laugh from this. Take care, HC readers, XO.