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10 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is coming up on March 8. Here are some ways you can celebrate.

1.       Recognize the Women in Your Life

One of the easiest things to do is recognize the women in your life. Tell the women that you are thankful to have them as a part of your life. You could even buy them flowers or make them a card. It is important to make sure they know how much you appreciate them.

2.      Empower Other Women

Everywhere you go there will be other women whether it is at school, at the mall, or in your neighborhood. Instead of putting these women down or making fun of them, empower them. It is as simple as complimenting them, listening to them talk about their passions, or showing/telling them how much you believe in them. Women can do amazing things, but everybody needs a little encouragement.

3.       Plan a Girl’s Night Out

Get together with some of your closest girls and plan a fun night out together. You can go to the movies, go to dinner, or head over to a friend’s house and have a dance party with the music blaring. The possibilities are endless. As long as you have some amazing women from your life with you, it should be a great night.

4.       Do Some Research on Women in History

Women have made a huge impact on history, but how much do you actually know about all the women who have done this? This Women’s Day pick one influential women in history and learn a little more about her and about what she did.

5.       Attend a Women’s Talk

There are many motivational speakers on women and women’s rights. Find a talk near you and invite your friends to go with you. 

6.       Participate in Operation Beautiful

Operation Beautiful is a project that has a mission to end negative self-talk. Participants stick sticky notes with positive messages on them all over the place. These can be found on bathroom mirrors, in hallways, on desks, etc. For more information visit www.operationbeautiful.com

7.       Watch a Movie

There are many movies that show the empowerment of women. Some of these movies include Norma Rae, Disney’s Brave. Disney’s Mulan, Legally Blonde, She’s the Man, and Million Dollar Baby. Grab some girl friends and have a movie night at home.

8.       Donate to Women’s Charities

There are many great women’s charities including Dove, Because I am a Girl, and Breast Cancer Research. If you really want to make an impact this Women’s Day, think about donating to one or more of these great charities.      

9.       Wear Purple

Purple is the official colour of Women’s Day.  Wearing purple is a great way to celebrate and show your support.  

10.       Come to Her Campus’ #MakeItHappen

Her Campus is hosting #MakeItHappen, an International Women’s Day event, on March 8 from 10 am until 3 pm in the C.A.W’s Ambassador Auditorium.  There will be many activities including talks and dance classes. Tickets will be available for $10 or $5 with a non-perishable food item donation.

For more information on International Women’s Day visit www.internationalwomensday.com. 

Alanna Keren

UWindsor '20

Alanna is currently a 1st year student at the University of Windsor pursuing a degree in Education. She graduated from the University of WIndsor with double major in English and French in 2018. She was Co-CC/Editior in Chief of HCUWindsor from 2015-2018 and is now the Tresaurer and Guidance Counsellor. She is a figure skater and loves to get in some extra ice time in her free time. Her favourite animal is a polar bear and her favourite colour is purple. She love sparkles. Her clothing style is girly and kind of dressy. Sparkly make-up and big earrings are a big part of her look. When she is not doing homework, working at her job at Tootsies Shoe Store, coaching figure skating, or writing for Her Campus, she likes decorating cakes and cupcakes and hanging out with friends.
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