The 10 Types of People on Social Media


There are many different people that make up the world of social media. You can be one, two, or even all of these people. Everyone can fit these types at least once. None of these types are better or worse than the other; each type works together to make up social media as we know it.

1. The Selfie Taker

We all know the type of person who loves to take selfies. They post them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, to their snap story. I'm not just talking the odd selfie, no. I'm talking their entire albums are filled with selfies. This isn't a bad thing, we shamelessly enjoy creeping through your selfies on all of your media platforms.

2.The Animal Lover

All those animal photos, articles, and posts you see on your timeline are bound to come from these people. They see a cute video of a bunny? They share it. Their dog is taking a nap? You just got a snap about it. And, obviously, if there is a news story about an animal, they will discuss it. These people are necessary to keep the cuteness factor up on social media.

3. The Poor Me

This is the person that is always looking for attention. They are always complaining about something in their lives. This type of social media person is usually found on twitter, posting about the woes of their life. However, if they have more than 140 characters they may resort to Facebook, or if they have a picture to prove their misery it will most likely pop up on Instagram or Snapchat. Let's not lie, everyone does this from time to time, sometimes you just need to vent to all your followers.

4. The Activist

This person is constantly posting opinions and informative articles on their social media. They are very passionate about a lot of things and use social media to project these thoughts and ideas. They're used to people commenting on their posts and they are ready to defend the articles they posted if need be.

5. The Sharer

Also known as the re-tweeter, you will rarely see anything personal from this person as they prefer to share others posts, photos, and articles. This is their way of showing you that they are still out there but either have a boring life, don't want to share an opinion in fear of being attacked, or just don't care for the entire internet to know what they are up to.

6.The Sub Tweeter

We all sub tweet, you're lying if you deny it. However, there are some people that their only use for social media, more specifically twitter, is to call everyone out. Sub tweeting is perfect to get your rage out without saying it to the person’s face. In order to avoid conflict, sub tweeting is a bad idea, especially if you call someone's sub-tweeting out in a sub-tweet.

7.  The Blogger

Whether it's a written blog or a photo blog, social media is often a place for this person to either promote their blog or often on Instagram it is their blog. There's many different types of blogs, including healthy eating or work out blogs.  

8. The Traveler

Travel pictures are amazing to see on your social media, they may even inspire you to travel yourself. They’re those friends that have had opportunities to travel and you're bound to see and hear all about it . You'll get to see a lot of amazing places around the world and this is a way for this traveler to show everyone their adventures at once.

9. The Comedian

This person provides your social media timeline with your daily dose of laughter. Whether it’s funny photos, or just a hilarious tweet, you can always count on this person to make you smile. You find yourself scrolling through their twitter or rewatching their snap story due to their humor.

10. The Silent Creeper

You know that person that never posts anything and you just assume they never use their accounts? It's possible, but more likely, they're silently scrolling through your timeline. They don't like photos, they don't re-tweet, they just scroll through and look. They may not want you to know that they're there, but trust me, we know.