10 Things Kids Raised by a Single Dad Can Relate to

We all know that single mothers get a lot of credit, and they should, raising kids by yourself is hard. However, single fathers often go unrecognized. It's true, there are less single fathers than single mothers, but that doesn't mean they are any less important. My parents are divorced, and yes I know my mom, see my mom, etc. However, since I was 9 I have lived with my dad and my sister. My dad provided for us and  raised us. From personal experience, here are 10 things that kids raised by a single father can relate to.

1. You Get Used to People Asking Where Your Mom is

This is not only rude, but uncalled for. You are not aware of the circumstances and asking where the mom is or saying that kids need a mom is very judgemental and stereotypical. It's tiring explaining why you live with your dad instead of your mom to people who have no business in asking..

2. You're Very Close With Your Dad

Your dad has always been the one that is there for you, you're used to telling him everything and you're closer with your dad than most of your friends are with theirs and they don't always understand. When they would go and tell their mom everything and ask her for advice, you went to your dad.

3.  You're Used to Getting Questioned at the Border

If you live by an international border such as Windsor to Detroit, you always get questioned travelling to America with your dad. "Where's their mom? Why isn't she with you? How do you know these children?" Obviously we are absolute strangers with all the same last name and are incapable of going on vacation or shopping in the states without your mom.

4. Everyone Just Assumes You Live With Your Mom

All of your birthday cards go to your moms, people will ask what house to pick you up at, or make comments when you talk about living with your dad. They don't seem to understand that you can just as easily live with your dad as you can with your mom.

5. You've Gotten Used to the Awkwardness When it Comes to Talking to Your Dad About "Feminine Problems"

You ask your dad to buy you pads, he washed your bras, it doesn't bother you or him anymore as it's been like this for so long. Your friends would never tell their dads they need pads, bras, etc. but your dad is used to it and it's just another normal item. He was also fairly good at answering questions like "What should I wear?" and "Is my hair okay?"

6. You Never Have to Worry About Diet Food and Health Kicks in Your House

Usually, it's primarily women who decide to go on diets and get rid of all the junk food in the house. When you live with your dad that's never a problem. Chips, chocolate, and ice cream are always in our house. Yes we eat healthy too, but junk food is never banned.

7. You're Definitely a Sports Fan

Sports, especially football are always on in your house and you grew up watching football games every Sunday and you're just as into it as your dad is. Sports games are a family activity that you've always enjoyed going to together.

8. You've Never Thought Much About Gender Roles

Your dad goes to work, cooks, cleans, does laundry, takes care of you and your siblings, everything. The gender roles and mom versus dad roles that everyone talks about had never applied to your family.

9.  He Tries His Best to be Interested in Everything

He talked to you about your TV show interests such as Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. And he was always interested in any activity you or your siblings took on even if it wasn't his thing. For example, me and my sister rode horses and even though he knew nothing about horses, he was at all of our horse shows and went out of his way to take us to the Rolex and Royal Winter Fair.

10. You Will Always be Thankful for Your Dad

Don't get me wrong, I love my mom, but I wouldn't trade growing up being raised by and living with my dad for anything. He's also been there for me, supported me, and helped me with everything that I do and I will forever be grateful to have such an amazing dad!