10 Current Hair Trends


Hair trends are constantly changing. Sometimes long purple hair is popular, other times it's blonde bobs. Colours, styles, and lengths of hair are never staying the same. Who can keep up? Graduate of the University of Windsor, and hair stylist, Chloe Lichty, shows us the top ten current hair trends through her own work and others. 

Colour Trends:

- Soft Fashion Colours

One-colour ombre used to be a major trend, but now a softer and well blended fashion colours with particular placement have come into fashion. This type of trend can be done in feathery streaks or in a ombred fashion, which will contribute to a blended soft look.

- Rich dark colours

Dark colours are very popular, especially for Winter. Dark but with a warm undertone to make the dark colours look brighter is what's in right now. Sometimes these colours can have lighter ends to make for a softer look.

- Soft blonde

As everyone knows, ombre has made a very strong appearance in the hair world for the past few years. Now ombre is not as popular. Instead different types of blonde such as the soft blonde has become more of a fashion favourite. This trend has a darker root with very blended highlights throughout.

-Variations of blonde

Blonde is always a popular colour, however, variations of blonde are becoming more and more popular. A strawberry blonde or grey blonde makes a statement.

- Subtle light pieces

Since blonde is a major trend right now, subtle light pieces are also in. This can be described as some lighter accent pieces as opposed to an entire light head of hair. Balayage is the best example of this trend.

- Multitoned Grey

 Grey hair is becoming extremely popular. This trend includes various types of greys with other colours; such as greys with purple or pink.


Haircut Trends:

- Retro Pixie

The retro pixie is a short cut with blunt lines, limited layering and has a heavy bang look. As we know, the shorter hair looks are very in right now, and this retro style definitely makes a statement.

-Short Bobs

Lobs (A long bob) were more popular last year, and this year it's the shorter, chin length bobs that are in.  Different types of bobs work for the different face shapes that people have. For example. if you have a round or square face, have your bob go a bit past chin length. For a heart or diamond shaped face, cutting off at the chin is best.

-Majors Cuts

Long hair is not as popular lately, but some people aren't as comfortable with the short bobs or the pixie cut either. A collar-bone length instead of a bob or pixie is also in style right now.


Style Trends:  

-Easy up-dos

The trend for up-do's is not something that takes you hours to do. It looks absolutely perfect and it's an up-do that looks soft and undone. These easy up-do's have lots of texture, are easy to do and look effortless. 

To view more by Chloe Lichty visit her Instargram https://www.instagram.com/chloerumple/ . And to achieve these trends and more, Chloe can be find at Youssef's Hair Boutique located at 436 Pelissier St. Windsor. 519-254-0079

All of these current fashion trends, whether is be a cut, colour, or style,  are the amazing hair styles of 2016.