Your random roommate could turn into your best friend

The day I was accepted into college was one of the most memorable days of my life. I was excited, yet very nervous knowing that I was going to have to find a roommate to live with.

Finding a roommate was not the easiest thing I have ever done. I grew up being very close to everyone in my family. I never argued with my siblings and loved hanging out and being with my family. I was scared to leave them behind going to college. It was hard for me to be excited about getting a roommate knowing I was not going to be living with my family anymore. Honestly, if it wasn’t for my sister telling me how the dorm life was such a memorable experience, I would have lived at home and commuted. The decision I made to live at school was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Once I got on the schools roommate page, I became very anxious. I was so scared to think that I would be living and sleeping near a total stranger. I had friends older than me tell me about how awful their roommate experience was, so I was just hoping and praying for the best. I messaged several girls that were looking for a roommate and scrolled through the search page for weeks until I finally opened a message and decided I found the perfect roommate. I won’t ever forget the description in her bio, she sounded like my long lost twin.

After a long summer of planning our room and talking about how we were going to be a part of sorority recruitment, we moved in. Move-in was stressful. While setting up, I was crying tears of joy and sadness. Once both of our parents left we cried and hugged each other. We then were laughing as we realized we were being a bit dramatic (Lol)! It made me feel a lot better having someone cry with me. At this time I knew we were going to get along well.

We had stuck together the whole week through recruitment. Being in two different recruitment groups helped us make friends. I became friends with her friends and she became friends with mine. The whole week of recruitment we did not talk about which sorority we were going to join. After preference round (the last round), we finally decided it was okay to talk about our week. We were sitting on our beds talking about what houses we had went to that night. I remember we both jumped out of bed with excitement figuring out that we were going to be in the same sorority. The next day we ran home to our sorority, Kappa Delta, and hugged each other with happiness. I remember how awesome it was thinking my random roommate/friend for the week/girl I thought was going to be a stranger, is now my sorority sister. I was extremely happy to have someone to go to every event with and not get sick of them.

As months of being roommates went by, memories were made. I won’t ever forget the late nights in the library before a big test, eating almost every dessert in the dining hall, going to the gym and barely working out, pranking our dorm neighbors (who happened to be cute guys) and walking back and forth from hanging out in our sorority house. leaving for weekends were hard.  I was always excited to come back to school from a long weekend at home just so that we could talk about everything we did.

Planning and dressing up for every social/party together was always fun. We created the best outfits and of course always had fun dance parties before leaving our dorm room. We always made the best out of every sporting event whether we understood what was going on during them or not...haha! I never expected to make such memories with my random roommate.

Deciding our living situations for the next year (sophomore year) was easy. We decided that we both wanted to live in the sorority house and wanted to be roommates again. We never fought or had any problems living with each other freshman year, so there was no reason why not to live with each other again. Our sorority house rooms were set up like dorm rooms, so hardly anything changed except that our neighbors were sisters. This year we made many more memories and experienced even funnier stories. I always got so excited to come home from a long day of school and talk and laugh about what happened throughout our day. We always liked to talk about the rumors that were heard and talk about the hot guys we saw on campus. We helped each other through heart breaks, rough dates and days we just wanted to cry from stress and eat chocolate. Long breaks and summers were hard. I am pretty sure the days over the breaks where we didn’t see each other, were spent texting and keeping each other updated with every move we made that day.

I can’t thank the random roommate search page enough. Without this page I wouldn't have had the college experience that I am experiencing now. My roommate and I are juniors now and are still living together. These years together have been such great memories. I can’t wait until we are old ladies talking about all of the fun memories we made together!


Love ya Emi and thanks for being the best!