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Did you know that consistent exercise can delay signs of aging, according to the University of Birmingham in London? Fitness isn’t just for a New Year’s resolution or right before the summer time. Fitness isn’t temporary, it is a lifestyle. I remind people all the time that fitness must be incorporated throughout their whole lifetime. In addition, it isn’t an activity that always has to be done alone. In fact, group fitness can provide immense motivation by being a part of a group and following an instructor. Luckily, for UWG students, there is a gym located at the campus center. Our gym offers group fitness classes in the U-REC center at various times throughout the week: yoga, “butts and guts”, hit workouts, cycling, and more. Students must sign up before attending the classes at myrec.westga.edu. Students can also find the group fitness schedule and the descriptions of each class at: https://www.westga.edu/campus-life/urec/group-fitness.php

Not only is getting fit important for your health, but eating the right foods is vital for living a healthy lifestyle. Some healthy foods include leafy greens such as kale or spinach. These foods are rich in Vitamin C. It is important to consume foods such as these during the pandemic. Keeping up with your health can prevent you from getting sick from not just COVID-19, but catching things such as the common cold. Having a strong immune system will improve your ability to fight off infections, viruses, and improve your overall levels of energy. Having a healthy diet along with a workout routine will ensure peak performance with your health. Get out and get active wolves!

article by: danlyn sullivan, amari morrison

Source: University of Birmingham. “A lifetime of regular exercise slows down aging, study finds.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 8 March 2018. <www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/03/180308143123.htm>

My name is Amari Morrison. I am currently an English major at the University of West Georgia. I plan on getting my certificate in publishing & editing and eventually a best-selling author.
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