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It has been a year since the pandemic ruined our plans of travel, get togethers, and regular life. Just because life doesn’t look the same doesn’t mean spring break has to be ruined! With spring break quickly approaching, you may be out of ideas for what to do. If you haven’t made plans yet but want to enjoy your time off from the chaos of school, consider these fun ideas!

Try a new restaurant 

Is there a restaurant in your city that you haven’t tried yet? Use this spring break as a chance to finally go! This is a great way to venture out and try something new as well as an opportunity to support a local business. 

Go on a Picnic 

Grab a blanket, a few friends and your favorite snacks. Then, find a nice grassy spot and vibe out. A picnic is a great way to still enjoy the nice weather even if you’re stuck at home. Be sure to social distance. 

Try new artistic hobbies

Your break is the perfect opportunity to try new things! Search pinterest and then pick up supplies at the crafts store so you can get started. Your new hobby could be anything from painting along with Bob Ross videos or learning to crochet or baking your favorite pastries. No matter what your interests are there’s always something fun you can do right in the comfort of your home!

Have a scavenger hunt in your city

Gather a few friends and have a scavenger hunt in the city! Find covid friendly areas and play a game with your friends requiring them to find a specific item. Whoever finds it, earns a prize. At the end of the game, see who has the most items gathered and whoever wins, should be able to choose where you guys go for a night out on the town! 

Host a streaming party

Do you miss binge watching shows on Netflix with your besties? Turn your camera and mic on, host a streaming party and get everyone together! Everyone can pick a movie or tv show they want to share with others. Most websites offer external streaming party services. Netflix and Hulu have their own but for other websites download the Kast client! 

Catch up on school work

Falling behind this semester? The pandemic has made turning in assignments on time extremely difficult. If you’re struggling in one of your classes take this opportunity to catch up. Turn in any missing assignments and catch up on your assigned reading. You still have six weeks left this semester! You can bring those grades up. 


Spring break is what you make it and you don’t have to be bored because you aren’t traveling! 

Contributors: Brynn Harris, Amari Morrison, Samira Morgan, Sarah Rand

My name is Samira Morgan. I’m 19 years old and I am from Covington Ga. I currently attend school at the University of West Georgia. I am a mass communications major with a concentration in public relations and I minor in marking and advertising. I’m a fun sized girl with a big personality. I enjoy having fun and meeting new people. I also love all things beauty from hair to makeup to fashion. I'm excited to take on a new realm of creativity and I can't wait to see where Hercampus takes me! 
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