Rihanna Fenty Beauty Review

I recently celebrated my 21st birthday and was gifted some select items from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line. I received the Trophy Wife highlighter, Gal on the Moon lipgloss, Gloss Bomb lip luminizer, and the Galaxy eyeshadow palette. I was immediately gratified because I’ve been dying to try these products. They have been sold out everywhere and it has become the most talked about make-up line of the year. After trying out the products, I noticed that each one has its distinctive quality, so I have put together a ranking to give you a visual of just how good this line is.  


Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette:

This palette is all about glitter. People will notice your eyes shining from a block away. It comes with fourteen different shades and they all include glitter. I have not have the chance to try all fourteen, but I did try two. The first one I tried is called Lightyear. It’s a gold color. Instantly, I was amazed by how my eyes looked it. It made my eyes glow, but it also wasn’t overwhelming. I received so many compliments as I walked down the street. The next night I tried sunburst. It was also gold in color, but had a more orange hue to it. Again, I was struck by how my eyes seemed to glow with the eyeshadow. People repeatedly asked me what kind of makeup I was wearing. I was the talk of the night. As for the take-off, I easily was able to remove it when I came home. Grade: 9


Trophy Wife Highlighter:

“Shine bright like a diamond”. This highlighter is everything you need in your life. It's a gorgeous gold color. Apply Trophy Wife to the high points of your face. I mostly used it on my upper cheek bones. I would also suggest buying a highlighter brush if you don't have one already. Once it's applied, your entire face will shine! The good thing is that the makeup line has many other shades if you don't like this particular color. Grade: 10


Gal on the Moon Lip Gloss:

This lip gloss is not just one color. It's a multitude of blues and purples, which makes it look like the galaxy. I applied the lip gloss right away and I absolutely loved how smooth it went on. The color adds immediate shine to your lips. The gloss is also long lasting, so that is definitely a plus. I wore it for a total of twelve hours and only had to reapply once. If you don’t like the shine then that might be a downfall you experience, but it does leave your lips feeling extremely moisturized. Grade 8


Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer:

This lip luminizer is a nude color. At first I was surprised because it looked like I wasn’t wearing any lip gloss, but then I learned that it is only meant to add a shine to your natural lip color. I was a little disappointed by this. I would suggest applying a base color then using the lip luminizer.  Grade 5


Overall, I found the Fenty Beauty line did not disappoint. If you like shine, glitter and glow then this is the makeup line for you.