Relieving Stress as Midterms Start


If we stay completely honest with ourselves as college students we live some of the most stressful lives. College just isn't like high school where you could miss class and get a note to excuse it or make up homework with no penalties, no college is on a whole other ballgame.


In college we are pressed with deadlines, piles of homework, and unexpected expenses at every turn but how do we take our minds off of the anxiety that is college? Well let me give you a quick guide on how to relax as the test start approaching.


  1. Exercise!

            - Is probably the best stress reliever in the world because of its natural endorphins

            -Exercise affects the brain on multiple fronts

            -It increases heart rate, which pumps more oxygen to the brain.

            - And it increases hormones, and this gives the brain a nourishing environment                                      for the growth of brain cells.

   2. Read!

  • Yes, I said it you need to read! Reading gives stimulation to the brain when you are stationary. And trust me you don't have to be reading classic literature like Moby Dick or Shakespeare you can definitely tap into new modern authors.

  • One of my personal favorites is the poet Rupi Kaur her poems speak to young women in ways other authors cannot.

  • If you aren't into poetry reading your favorite entertainment magazine can even suffice, you just want to keep the brain cells actively at work.


 3. Journal

        -If you have things on your mind that you cannot seem to air out whether it be negative or positive journaling can help you be the best you.

        - I journal everyday and it allows me to air out any thoughts I may have that I cannot seem to vent to my friends or sister.

       - Sometimes we just need to put pen to paper and realize that's the best way to see what we are struggling with or thriving in.

       - Life is beautiful when we uncover it in words especially our very own.  

4. Rest

  • I have the biggest issue when it comes to this because I am constantly sleep deprived, but the way you excel at what you need to do is by re-energizing your body through sleep.

  • 8 Hours a night is the best number when it comes to getting a good  night's rest and you should strive to get the same amount of sleep per night.

  • Sleep,sleep,sleep but anything over 8 hours is an absolute problem because oversleeping makes your body even sleepier! Can you believe that?


Featured Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash