Paper Craving- Its All About the Stationery

As an avid stationery addict and believer of all things shiny, gold and high quality, I’m here to talk about the personal touch stationery can be!

Growing up, I spent hours picking out the perfect birthday or holiday cards for loved ones or coming up with a reason to surprise someone with a card.  I was even the weird girl who actually anticipated opening the birthday cards instead of waiting for later. To me, the best part is searching for the perfect card to match the personality and style of each individual! I am drawn to the creativity and expression that encompass these little cards- for me it has become a creative outlet and healthy obsession. Whether, you’re drawn to simplistic designs, colorful backgrounds, blocky text or funny puns there is something for everyone when it comes to picking the perfect stationery. It’s all about that personal preference.

Writing personal letters and leaving thank you notes has become a very rare and unexpected gesture for our generation and can be a simple, yet powerful notion. As much as text messages and emails are an effective alternative, some things are good the old-fashioned way! 



When it comes to the cutest paper goods for any occasion (which is pretty much everyday of the week) here are my personal favorite brands!  

1. Idlewild Co - 

2. Rifle Paper Co -

3. Sugar Paper LA -


5. Crane & Co

You can't go into these following stores without browsing their paper/craft selection, I guarantee you'll fall in love with one (or maybe three) sets of thank-you cards!

1. TJ Maxx

2. Target  

3. Urban Outfitters

4. Simplyput Paper & Gift