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Recently, I had the privilege of traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada for a conference with three other seniors. We definitely enjoyed our time there and had a blast exploring the city. There were a few things that we were prepared for and a few things that we were not prepared for.    Here are a few of the essentials to pack that came in handy for me, and should also come in handy for your next destination.

Dr. Scholls

You never know how much walking you will have to do. It’s important to pack the most comfortable shoes such as sneakers, flats and maybe some low heels. But unfortunately, sometimes even the most comfortable shoes may not be enough. This is where something like Dr. Scholls would really come in handy. Just put the gel pads in the soles of your shoes to ensure that you’ll be comfortable on your feet.

Bring Cash

Tips, tips, tips! Tips were expected for most of the people that I came in contact with, from the bellhop to street promoters and, of course, waiters at each restaurant. In Vegas, there were also people dressed up as characters or dancers and they wanted you to interact with them. However, if you decided to take a picture with them, they would expect you to give them money in return. It is best to have cash for these situations because you can’t always swipe your card just to give a tip.

Nice Clothes

Try to pack light, but make sure you include a couple of nice outfit choices for a night out. In Vegas, most of the clubs were upscale so you were expected to be dressed in upscale clothing. Things like jeans and regular sneakers were frowned upon for both men and women to get into the clubs. Don’t be like me and end up having to make a last minute trip to the mall to make sure your outfit is club appropriate. The last thing that you want is to stand in line for 30 minutes just for the bouncer to tell you that you need to change your shoes or something.

Pack a Jacket

No matter how hot your destination usually is, bring a jacket just in case. Temperatures can get really cool once the sun goes down. Las Vegas was in the middle of the desert and I still needed a light jacket at night. Always better to be safe than sorry, so that you don’t have to end up buying something that you could have brought from home.

It is better to have all of these things beforehand so that you don’t have to spend unnecessary money. ATM fees are always sky high and other things like clothes are usually marked up in touristy areas. It is better to have something and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

Danielle is a senior at the University of West Georgia pursuing a degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Spanish. She loves adventures, music, beauty and shopping.
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