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Our Planet. Our Problem.

Normally, I would love to talk about fashion and beauty but one thing I want to talk about is our planet. Over this past month, a series of articles had come out on how our earth is facing great danger due to climate change. A lot of people are saying if we don’t do something now, our planet could be doomed by 2030 and going forward. Now the articles I have read don’t come from credible sources but it is an eye opener. We should be caring more about our planet than we do now especially if you are in college. College campuses have plenty of resources that can get you on track to preserving and recycling more. Don’t get in the mindset of “I’m here for a good time, not a long time.” What about the kids? Your siblings or your kids will not be able to live their life to the fullest because of devastating blows to this earth. It’s time to change all of this.

Photo by World Atlas

All it takes is one person. Believe me when I say that the little things you can do to help our environment can go a long way. With that being said, here are some ways that can cut back our waste, get green and get clean.

Reduce Your Intake of Meat

Now I am not saying go full-on vegan but I did once read that if every person in the world didn’t eat meat for at least one or two days, we can stop 90 billions pounds of meat being produced.

Use More Public Transportation/Carpool/Walk

Our cars carry out a lot of pollution into the air. I get that we need our cars to get to our destinations but before you think about using your car, think of other alternatives. See if you can ride with someone else or perhaps use your city’s local bus. The less cars we have on the road, the better our environment will be.

Refill Your Water Bottles

College students (especially if you go to UWG), have you ever noticed those things on the water fountain that may be in your library or housing building? Those are there so you can fill up your water bottles. I mean, look at the positive of using them. You can reduce your intake on plastic and you don’t have to spend extra money buying more water. It’s a win-win situation. Photo by Samara Marshall

Don’t Keep the Electricity Running

Before leaving the house, make sure you turn off all the lights and unplug any unnecessary cords like chargers and lamps. By doing this it reduces the electricity we use and reduces your power bill.

Take Short Showers

This is easy for us college students because we only have showers in our dorms but when at home, please continue to take showers. Taking a bath doubles the amount of water we use so take showers to keep the water we use to a low.

Reusable Bags

I love store like Aldi that don’t have any plastic bags. Instead, they have reusable bags you can buy and reuse over and over again. Plastic can harm marine and wildlife if it ends up in the wrong places so let’s prevent that from happening. Photo by Nature Forever


Thrifting, believe it or not, saves millions of clothes from being put into landfills. Instead of throwing away your old clothes, take them to a salvation army, Goodwill or even donate them to a shelter.


Last but not least, recycle. To all UWG students, we have recycling bins everywhere! To every other college student out there, recycling bins can be found on every campus just about. What I personally do is that I have separate bins in my room. One for trash and two others for plastic, paper, aluminum and cardboard. Then, when it’s time to empty it, I put my trash in the dumpster and the recyclable material in the recycling bins.

I hope you find this article very informative. I get that we are all busy trying to better our lives and live our dreams. However, if we don’t have a world to live in, then what’s the point? Take care of our planet so that all future generations to come can enjoy the earth as much as we are now.

Hello! My name is Samara Marshall and I am currently studying Mass Communications at the University of West Georgia.
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