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Growing up, others and the media tell us how to look. We are subtly (or not so subtly) told that altering our appearance is the only way we will be considered attractive. Whether it’s supermodel thin, an hourglass figure, or the right nose we are supposed to aspire to achieve, it affects how we see ourselves and the world around us. The self-deprecating statements (or other little habits like tearing yourself down in the mirror) start to add up over time. Your true beauty starts to emerge when you make small changes to unlearn those things. Instead of harping on comparing yourself to others, try to focus on the beauty we possess in being ourselves! 

A practical way to improve body positivity is reinforcing the fact that your body is beautiful as it is. Think of compliments you would like to get or ones you have already heard (but might not have accepted as fact). These statements can be anything from I’m a baddie to my __ are beautiful, whatever you want to confirm for yourself. 

Using sticky notes, write down some compliments and place them around your reflection in your bathroom mirror, on your desk, or wall. Anywhere you will look at it daily! If you like them in the mirror, you can use them as morning affirmations and say them out loud until you get more confident.


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Everyone deserves to feel positive about their body image without society adding pressure onto them with expectations.  It doesn’t matter your shape or size; you should be able to feel good about yourself no matter what! 

Body positivity can have different meanings such as: 

- Feeling confident about your body

- Loving yourself

- Appreciating every part of your body

Another aspect of body positivity is choosing to surround yourself with people and things that make you feel good about yourself. Social media and music can be great tools to do so! Lately, there have been lots of celebrities promoting body positivity. Lizzo is a celebrity who puts her mark on body positivity! She promotes it in her songs as well as on her social media pages! Rihanna also promotes body positivity and inclusivity with her brand Savage X Fenty. This inclusive mindset is pretty amazing to see because it is needed in the media! 

Everyone struggles with their view of themselves, but it is crucial to base your confidence on how you feel about yourself. No one suddenly wakes up feeling like the absolute best version of themselves, but what you can do is take it one day at a time and love yourself better each day!

Contributors: Katelyn Edwards and Johnna McClendon

Hello! I am a recent graduate of UWG and was the Senior Editor of HerCampus UWG. I studied English and obtained a certificate in publishing and editing. I love to read and write in my free time.
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