Lead Day 2019

This was a great day to learn about people and how to better conversation skills. I was required to attend on behalf of the UWG chapter of Her Campus and I hope the mindset I began thinking in will help this chapter grow now and past my graduation day.

A man named Tom Krieglstein created the company SwiftKicks which strives to change the culture of campuses and companies for the better. Through this training (which included lots of games and get-to-know-you activities) the people involved were actively getting to know each other during that day. I still see people every now and then to which I always wave and ask how they are. 

This company has a driving theory which helps leaders create more leaders. This theory is called the Dance Floor Theory and is great insight to how people get to know one another.

A few key takeaways from the day were: 

  1. More friends, more fun

  2. Everyone has potential!

  3. Engagement is a process

  4. Show people why they should be a part of your organization (don’t just tell them)

This is also relatable to everyday life. If you approach life with these four takeaways, they will give you more of a people-friendly look on life itself.


So, go follow @tomkrieglstein on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He’s a pretty cool guy and an amazing conversationalist! 

Thank you Tom for coming out to UWG to share your leadership advice!

Credit: https://swiftkickhq.com/dft/