Keeping up With the Kardashian's Chaos

It’s to no surprise that the Kardashians have some extremely wild news going on in their family. Well, maybe it is a bit of a surprise. This might be the biggest, sweetest, and most shocking Kardashian news of all. The sisters are expecting a baby…or two…okay three! Not only does one Kardashian have a new little one on the way, but two more are expecting!

Khloe Kardashian is reportedly five months pregnant with NBA boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. For years the 33-year-old has struggled with numerous complications with conceiving, but now she is finally receiving what she has wanted for so long with the man of her dreams.  

Khloe isn’t the only Kardashian with a new little one on the way. Surprising us all, her sister Kylie Jenner has announced that she is four months pregnant with boyfriend of five months, Travis Scott. While the news shocked many, including the 20-year-old, Jenner remains close to the family and has already started planning with her sisters, according to several sources.

Expanding their family of four, Kim Kardashian West and Kayne West are expecting their third child after choosing a surrogate to carry the baby. Kardashian West has come to the realization that she will not be able to carry her own child anymore after being told by two doctors that it could be too dangerous. She is opened to surrogacy and awaits the arrival of the new addition to their family.

As far as Kourtney Kardashian goes, she has a surprise of her own. Unfortunately, this surprise includes her ex boyfriend and father to their three kids. Scott Disick has confirmed all rumors and is publicly dating 19-year-old, Sofia Richie. Scott posted a picture with Richie at the ‘Casa Aramara’ villa where him and Kourtney met for the first time, leaving Kourtney extremely upset.

Kourtney isn’t the only one upset over the relationship though. Richie’s father Lionel Richie is completely unhappy over the new couple and told multiple sources that he is scared to death. Let’s hope that both Kourtney and Scott can mend their relationship and get back to the couple we have loved for so long.

The Kardashian family may have a little chaos (or a lot), but it’s safe to say that they have some pretty amazing things happening within the next few months. Thank you, Kardashian fam for always letting us follow along with your crazy and exciting lives.