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I Spent $140 on Romwe Clothing… Was It Worth It?

I took a huge risk and purchased $140 of Romwe clothing along with a pair shoes. The real question: was it worth it?

If you’re not familiar with Romwe, it’s a online shopping app that has thousands of items available, much like Shein. In fact some of the items that I purchased from Romwe came in Shein packaging. I know that it can be hard to shop online; for most of us we love the way it looks on screen and obsess over it until it’s delivered, just to be disappointed. So with that said, here is my personal review on Romwe clothing.

Like most sites, Romwe uses thin models to display the clothing so it can be hard for people, like me, who are curvy, and sizing can be difficult. Luckily this site shows the measurements for each item and if you’re lucky, someone has already purchased the item and given it a brief review. With that said, I only purchased the reviewed items in order to avoid being disappointed when the items came in the mail.

Because I spent this large amount, I got free express shipping and everything came in three days after purchasing, which was amazing.


Now I usually never like buying shoes online because my shoe size varies from the type of shoe and brand. I fell in love with these grey velvet heels that were only $9.29 U.S dollars. I usually choose size 9 for heels, but they didn’t have any in stock, so I took a risk and got a size 8, which is my size in tennis shoes. To my surprise, the shoes fit perfectly. The material was thick, and it looked exactly like the picture. Personally, I would recommend buying shoes from here because though it may be cheap, the quality was still great and comfortable!


Secondly, I obsessed with the two piece romper sets. Sadly you are only able to order the set in one size. This made me hesitant because I wanted a large in the shirt and a medium in shorts but luckily by ordering a large they both ended up fitting perfectly. Since some of the patterns were to flashy together I decided to order the basics so that I can use the bottoms for a whole different outfit. This allowed me to expand my closet as well.


I absolutely loved all the basic items that I ordered. This ranged from light sweater crop tops, tank tops and a couple of flashy crop tops. Three of my tops were white which were pretty see through, but I figured a cute bralette could fix that problem.


Lastly, I ordered three different colors of the corduroy dressed overalls. I absolutely love corduroy items, and they have become increasingly popular. So to my amaze, they were only $6.59 U.S dollars on Romwe, so of course I quickly added them to my cart.  These were by far my favorite purchase out of everything. They fit perfect and were absolutely everything I had expected!


Overall, I  was pretty satisfied with my purchase and I would definitely recommend Romwe to everyone. But I will say to be cautious with what you purchase and make sure to check out the reviews of others before buying. I did get 24 items and the total price was pretty good though; because of the material, I wish it were a little more discounted but overall I understand it is a business and they must make profit with already discounted clothes. But with that said, I will definitely be shopping on Romwe in the future!

I'm a junior at the University of West Georgia majoring in Sociology with a minor in Criminology. Writing is one of my many passions I have and I will never want this skill to vanish, with that said being able to be apart of a organization that lets you write about what you love is beyond rewarding.
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