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    You arrive on campus curious about what your freshman year has in store for you. Away from your parents with fewer rules, more responsibility. How am I going to get through my freshman year of college?, You think to yourself. It is normal to have jitters that cause you to feel like you can not get through it. There will always be times throughout your college experience when you feel like you can not handle the circumstances. That is why we will provide you with the necessary tips to ease some of your worries about freshman year! Although college comes with many new experiences, keeping up with your education is a priority. Learning how to navigate college is a whole new ballpark. With the pressure of responsibility for various core classes, some find it harder to adjust to college schooling. No need to stress!

    [bf_image id="q5eh0c-bis9q8-5ja0i2"]   ​   The first tip to help you flourish in your new school is to establish a friendly relationship with your professors. Whether you simply ask questions in person instead of by email or opt-in to extra credit activities, make yourself known. If you ever need assistance with the material professors will be more inclined to help someone who they know is engaged in the course. This relationship can also be helpful in the future when you are pursuing internships or jobs in your field. 


[bf_image id="q5eh71-g8rhe8-f9t162"]      The second tip is to always arrive to class at least 5 to 10 minutes early. This is especially important if you have a vehicle when you enter college. Even if you plan to park close to your class building, things happen and there is a chance you will have to park across campus and rush to class. Being a few minutes early to that 8 a.m. class may not seem funny now but it will help you not feel overwhelmed in the long run. 

  [bf_image id="qalkyc-7r6oug-cdpihf"] Tip number three about enhancing your college education is to have a planner/schedule and actually use it. You know your personality and procrastination levels best so you have to decide if this will be beneficial for you or not. For many people writing down (or typing in) daily classwork, deadlines, and errands can be a big help in staying organized. This can be especially true if you choose to be involved with campus organizations or even work on top of that. Being in a new environment can be overwhelming. 

[bf_image id="qdh6cs-blnh08-a35r1q"]      ​ The fourth tip is to review the campus map to find the buildings that your classes are in or any important buildings that you may use in the future. This will help you to navigate the campus more easily. You may also want to take yourself, or go with a friend to tour the campus. You may find shortcuts that can potentially save you a few minutes of sleep or downtime before classes.


[bf_image id="q5jo6n-36cc9s-dguoyj"] Your education is definitely important! You will find yourself hitting the ground running with a high chance of burning out fast mentally and socially. The last tip is to find time to wind down and decompress with some close friends. Your college experience will be even more exciting if you share it with genuine individuals who might be going through the same things as you. Have a strong support group. 

   If you utilize all of these helpful tips then you will be on the right track to navigating college. There will always be bumps in the road! With a game plan, you will be ready to tackle any challenge that college might throw your way. Stay safe. Wear your mask. You can still enjoy your first year of college! Good luck to the class of ‘24.

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