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How To Get Involved On Campus

By: Samara Marshall and Johnna McClendon



College can be stressful with the work you have to do but getting involved on campus can make your college experience better! Being involved on campus gives you the opportunity to meet new people, network, find new interests, and overall have fun. Below we have listed some different ways for you to get involved on your campus.

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  1. Join a student organization or start one:

Joining an organization is one of the best ways to get involved on campus. There are many organizations to choose from that you can find that may spark your interest! If you don’t find any that you’re interested in, then you always have the option to start your very own organization!

[bf_image id="q2y185-uxsg8-4moljw"] 2. Attend campus events:

There are always campus events going on on campus. A great way to keep up with them is to follow your college's social media pages! Going to these events are also a great way to socialize, and meet new people!


[bf_image id="qd20g0-35pr00-4rw24n"] 3. Get a part-time job:

If you have a lot of extra spare time consider getting a part-time job on campus. Not only will you be able to see other students in jobs like housing and dining but you will also be getting a little extra money as well.


4. Join a sorority:

[bf_image id="q2whl0-5onh60-5nyhfa"]  There is nothing like finding your sisters for life. Look into Greek life at your university and find a sorority that fits you.

[bf_image id="q5eha1-r2dxk-8dfhk1"] 5.) Be active in class:

Sometimes being active in class can lead to you engaging with others and possibly making friends. Then you can be able to learn about the hobbies/clubs your friends participate in which can immerse you into new things.

[bf_image id="qb3o05-83ppq8-5feake"] 6.) Walk around campus:

Sometimes events are not advertised on social media pages so don’t be afraid to walk around campus to see what events are being held on campus.


 The campus might be a little different this year but that does not mean you still can’t get involved. Remember to wear a mask and social distance when possible.

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