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How To Be More Environmentally Friendly At Home



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Happy Earth Day everyone! Earth Day is celebrated every year to help spread awareness about pollution and inspiring ideas to be more environmentally friendly. The Earth is polluted every day but with little actions we can make the world a better place.

Now we might be in the house for the time being but I listed some little things that you can do to be more environmentally friendly right inside your home. 

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Take shorter showers

I always tell people to limit your showers to at least five minutes. This can help decrease the amount of water that we use plus save a little extra when the bills come around.

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Turn your lights off when you a leave a room

When you leave a room be sure to turn off the lights and unplug anything you are not using. This too can cut down the amount of energy that we use.


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Reuse old paper

If you can try to use old scrap pieces of paper when you need to write something. What I do is that I have a pile of scrap paper that I keep in my room that I acces when I need to write something down, 

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Dry your clothes outside

Going a little old school with this but try to dry your clothes outside. This cuts from using electricity from the dryer. If you are to uncortorable with this then try hand washing your clothes and then use your dryer. By doing either or we can cut the amount of energy used from both machines in half. 

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Open your windows

If it’s getting a little warmer outside then try opening your windows instead of using the air conditioning. 

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Don’t keep your water running

Lastly, when brushing your teeth or washing the dishes do not keep the water running. We can save the amount of water that we use. 


By taking these little actions we can all help heal our Earth.