Holiday Team Article

This semester for the holiday, Her Campus UWG wrote about their holiday season and/or fall semester.


From what I've seen, this semester was pretty hard on everyone. But within the obstacles this semester presented, there was much to be learned. Over the course of this semester,  I've learned a lot about myself as a person, student, and friend.  From the struggles in class,  which included me having the maximum credit hours while I was an RA. The removal of friends in just four months. I became a stronger person than I ever thought I would and I had to relearn the concept of time management, teamwork, and patience in order to make it through the semester. My limits were pushed to the zenith in all aspects of my life and although there are some things I would definitely go back and change. I am thankful for the experiences this semester allowed me to endure.

-- Britt Walker


Christmas for my family usually means us celebrating with our closest friends and family. We go to cookie swaps, white elephant parties, and just enjoy being around one another. We also decorate our Christmas tree and home in green and red. During our decorating we usually watch classic movies like Home Alone, Elf, and Charlie Brown Christmas. My sister and I watch a lot of Netflix Christmas movies because they are so predictable, but fun to watch.

-- Olivia McDaniel


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