Hit Me Baby One More Time...With Fashion Trends That Is

It really is true...fashion repeats itself. How many times have we heard this and yet we still point it out every single time?! Well, I don't know about you guys but I absolutely love it (especially when it involves 2000s fashion)! Lately I have been a major shopaholic and I honestly have no idea why (I blame it on working for a boutique, but honestly who knows). Anyways, I have noticed a major Britney Spears comeback with the engineer hats, bright and bulky earrings and tube tops galore! For a major fan of this trend, you can tell I am super excited.

Here is Britney Spears rocking her engineer hat back in the day. Who would have known that these babies would come back around? Now, we are seeing these everywhere and if you don't have your hands on one, well GET ONE! They are usually very cheap and can be found anywhere right now. While they were a big fall trend, spring is putting a new twist on it. Pair one with a tank top, tube top or any edgy look! Here's an example of today's fashion, so you can have an idea of what I am talking about;) 

And to stay on this example for a little longer, overalls are the next big thing! I know you all remember the overall days, but what about overall dresses? I cannot go into a store without seeing overall something, so why not jump on the trend and participate in the overalls OVER ALL movement?! For the record, I have no idea if that is even a movement...probably not. 

Click Picture to Shop -- Hat $15 --Dress $55

Okay okay I know I have mentioned tube tops once or twice, but seriously they. are. everywhere. Literally, everywhere AND the coolest part is that they are sooo cheap and versatile. So, whether you want to rock Beyonce's bandana top or Cameron Diaz striped tube top, you will be hitting those fashion trends to a T. So, thank you ladies for paving the way to fashion yet once again!



Not pictured: Scrunchy elastic tube tops. These are also a huge tube top trend and if you don't own one...well, you know the drill. In today's fashion, the cool thing to do is put any tube top with a pair of high waisted jeans and a belt or high waisted denim shorts. We still aren't going full belly thank goodness, but a little skin is what is in (rhyme time..and AGAIN)! You can find these at Forever 21 for the best deals! 


Last, but not least is denim jeans. We all know that denim has always been in and probably always will be, but what changes is the style of the pant. Yes, bell bottoms has been a HUGE trend lately but now we are talking capri bell bottoms. I mean from basic cut offs to frayed all over and a complete situation happening right above the ankles...this one is definitely something that I am not going to miss. With that being said, you should know that I went and bought four pairs of jeans just to make sure I got in on this!

Now this perfect little number is from Revolve, but let's be honest that can be a little out of our budget sometimes or at least mine, so I found some that look almost exactly like these at Forever 21. If you want to take it a step further, you can go to Rue 21. I found mine there and got the best deals EVER! Four pairs of jeans for only $60, so that's where it's at people. 

Remember to throw on a pair of bright earrings and/or bright sunnies to match your 2000s look. I think this is going to the coolest and most fun period yet. Share with me in the comments other trends you have noticed repeating themselves just for fun! -Xo Victoria