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We are halfway through the semester and I can already feel the overwhelming sensation of burnout. Assignments begin to pile up, events are happening back to back, self care is being neglected, and your social life is going down the drain. It is normal. Everyone experiences it. How do you extinguish burn out? 

Make time for yourself.

I start to feel burnout when I am going through the motions. My routine becomes basic and monotonous. I try to pick different days out of the week where I experiment with self care. Whether it is journaling, or getting extra sunlight. 

Prioritize your time. 

Try not to procrastinate on your assignments. Have designated days that you complete your tasks so that you don’t feel overwhelmed waiting until the last minute. It will allow you to have time for extra activities outside of work!

Delegate your time.

Are you putting too many things on your plate? If so, try to decide what needs to stay and what needs to leave your schedule.

Have a support group. 

Let your friends know when you are feeling stressed out. When you have someone there to support you, it eases some of the stress you are feeling. Keeping your issues bottled up will only cause them to overflow later on!

Please take some time to implement these tips into your daily routine. We are at a point in the semester where it is easy to crash and burn. Stay focused and good luck with the rest of the semester! 

My name is Amari Morrison. I am currently an English major at the University of West Georgia. I plan on getting my certificate in publishing & editing and eventually a best-selling author.