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Date Night Ideas That Will Warm Your Heart This Winter

Looking for a date night to warm up your heart? The upcoming winter season is perfect for cozying up with your significant other or sparking the flame for that new romance. Here are some inexpensive date nights to spend some quality time with the one you love!

1.       Bonfire in your backyard:

Grab a blanket, some Smores and your sweetheart, because it’s the perfect combo to enjoy a chilly fall night! This is an easy impromptu date night and a perfect excuse to snuggle up with babe.  


2.       Get Starry-Eyed:

We’ve all seen that dreamy movie scene a thousand times and have been dying to recreate! Use the bed of a truck, a ton of your favorite cozy blankets and pillows to make a romantic night for two! Spend your night star gazing, talking about life and listening to your favorite playlist! Pack a picnic and your favorite bottle of wine if you’re feeling extra fancy.


3.       Break the Ice:

If you and your special someone are up for “Breaking the Ice” figurately and literally, visit an Ice-skating rink! This is the perfect date night to laugh at (with each other) when someone busts a move on the ice! Grab a cup of hot chocolate to end the night!


I am a senior at the University of West Georgia, currently studying Mass communications/Public Relations. I am a lover of life, family, friends and doing things that bring happiness to others. I truly believe the world is full of positivity if we are open to wholeheartedly accept it. I am passionate about the inclusion of others, seeing the beauty in all people and things, and creating lasting relationships with people. Ever since I can remember, I’ve enjoyed creating things and expressing my creativity through design and artistic expression. I am an avid stationery addict, DIY junkie, and lover all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle.
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