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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWG chapter.

Going on vacation is an exciting time. Being able to leave your stresses behind and enjoy time for yourself is wonderful. However, on vacation we tend to stress our bodies out with overwhelming activities, social media use and daily food/drink choices to keep yourself in your best health. These tips are good ways to not feel guilty about any of your choices during your vacation. 

1. Stay away from fried foods.

Photo by Blake Guidry on Unsplash

I know it’s your vacation but fried foods are the worst thing you can do. Most likely the fried food you want is something your city already has so try something unique to your vacation destination.

2. Eat half of your plate.

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Eating half of your plate can keep you from overeating and/or keep you from being sick or too full to continue having fun.

3. Try to eat two meals a day and a snack.

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The snack helps you to have more energy instead of being bogged down with calories. The meals will keep you satisfied and allow you to eat more calories.

4. Have a cheat meal.

Photo by Sander Dalhuisen on Unsplash

Having a cheat meal while you’re on vacation will allow you to hold out until that special meal and keep you from feeling guilty about it.

5. Exercise.

Photo by Luis Quintero on Unsplash

On top of eating healthy wherever you are for spring break, try to travel as much by foot or bike as possible this keeps you energized and burning calories while enjoying yourself.

6. Drink more water.

Photo by Gustavo Scafeli on Unsplash

Make sure you are filling yourself with more water than caffeine. Caffeine can cause you to lose energy while enjoying activities on your vacation.

7. Skincare.

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Wear sunblock when at the beach. Everyone wants a tan but the best way to get them the healthy way is little exposure with sunblock. Enjoy yourself in the sun just remind yourself to keep your skin healthy.

8. Stay off your phone.

Photo by Benjaminrobyn Jespersen on Unsplash

In relation to your mental health, vacation can be a great way to distress and get back on the right track. Limiting your time on your phone will help you enjoy the moment instead of looking at it through a camera screen and keeping your stressors at bay.

9. Rest.

Photo by Gregory Pappas on Unsplash

Take plenty of time to rest. Sometimes you get so caught up trying to get everything done. To best enjoy your activities, make sure to be well rested.

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