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6 Christmas Movies to Get You in the Holiday Spirit This COVID Season

Christmas is right around the corner! It is time for hot chocolate, stockings, presents under the tree, and onesies. You might not be able to go Christmas caroling or be a part of a huge gathering. To combat this holiday boredom, you can pop some popcorn and find tons of binge-worthy tv shows and movies that can get you in the holiday spirit.  


Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey - Samira Morgan

Jingle Jangle is a Netflix original film. It’s a whimsical yet heartfelt holiday musical that makes you want to jump out of your seat and dance. The film tells the story of a toymaker, Jerouncious Jangle, who loses his inspiration for inventing after something very terrible happens. When he is at risk of losing his store, Jangle, and things, he realizes he must invent something sensational in order to save it. With the help and love from his granddaughter, Journey Jangle, she is able to generate light back into the toymaker, saving his store by Christmas morning. Jingle Jangle is a must-see as it embodies black culture through its music, art, and fashion making it a unique showstopping film. 


How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Sarah Rand

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a Christmas classic released in 2000 that’s available to stream on Netflix. The live-action movie is centered around the Grinch, a pessimistic green grump, who despises the people of Whoville and their love of Christmas. Known for his heart that is two sizes too small, the Grinch lives as a recluse in his mountaintop hideaway with his dog Max. Much to his surprise, he encounters a young girl, Cindy Lou Who, who challenges his idea of Christmas. The Grinch plans to steal Christmas cheer from Whoville on Christmas eve but Cindy’s kind and curious nature turns him around. The film is a holiday favorite due to the holiday cheer, catchy songs, and themes of redemption. How the Grinch Stole Christmas has the perfect combination of comedy, fantasy, and drama for a cozy holiday binge! 


A New York Christmas Wedding - Katelyn Edwards

Everyone loves a good Christmas love story, so let's not leave out our women loving women. The Netflix movie features a lead bisexual character who happens to be getting cold feet about her imminent wedding. But, what if Jennifer could have a do-over? See how everything could be different if she made a different choice. And that’s exactly what she gets to go back and see. This movie is A Christmas Carol and Ghost of Girlfriends Past mash-up. A heartwarming love story with a character people in the LGBTQ+ community can relate to. A must watch this holiday season.


Schitt’s Creek - Amari Morrison

During the holiday season, you might be looking for a TV show to watch with your family! Schitt’s Creek follows the Rose family. The Roses end up losing their wealth and have to move to Schitt’s Creek, which is a town that they originally bought as a practical joke. Even though it is not centered around Christmas, Schitt’s Creek is a great show to sit down and watch to share a couple of laughs with your loved ones. There are currently six seasons on Netflix so you can get cozy and watch some episodes!


A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish - Amari Morrison

If you’re into the A Cinderella Story franchise, then this is a great film for you to watch! This addition to the franchise follows an aspiring singer, her two stepsisters, and evil stepmother. For those looking for romance as well as comedy, this film falls under the goofy and romantic categories on Netflix! Sit down and watch this flick with your significant other. 


This Christmas - Amari Morrison

You can not complete this holiday season without watching This Christmas! The Whitfield family comes together to celebrate Christmas but encounters a few bumps along the way. Every family is dysfunctional and has things that are often kept hidden. This is a holiday movie that is packed with family drama and kind-hearted laughter! 


Take the time to watch a few of these movies and shows! COVID-19 has kept us from being able to go out and enjoy the true holiday experience this year. You can still have a great Christmas and New Year by staying at home, social distancing, all while binge-watching some of these options. Her Campus UWG hopes that you all have a fantastic holiday season!

Hello! I am a recent graduate of UWG and was the Senior Editor of HerCampus UWG. I studied English and obtained a certificate in publishing and editing. I love to read and write in my free time.
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