4 Reasons Funko Pops! Are Every Fan’s Dream

Funko is a leading brand of pop culture products for variety of customers. Funko specializes in producing material from different types of areas such as action toys, plush, houseware, apparel, accesories, and vinyl figures. Here are four reasons why you should buy Funko Pops! (their action toys).

Photo by James Pond

1. They’re decorative.

If you don't the photo above of little Groot is cute, you have no soul. Just look at him! This is a great example of how Funko Pop! can be used to decorate yoru home. In this photo, Groot looks like he's enjoying his time with his fellow plant friends. Not to mention, when people come to your house, it is a great conversation starter.

Photo by Pullip Junk


Is there much to say here? Almost everyone loves Disney and I am one of those people. Who doesn't love a bit of nostalgia when it comes to Disney's animated films? Funko has literally every Disney action figure available for purchase so go ahead and check it out!Photo by Pullip Junk

3. Comics anyone?

Funko has all the superhero Pops! you could possibly need! If Harley Quinn and Joker (in the picture above) aren't your style, there are many other superhero and villain figures to choose from. They have anything from Aquaman to Superman to Sailor Moon (if you're into Japanese comics) and so much more! 

Photo by James Seattle

4. Fandoms Unite!

Superfans, this is your lucky day! Funko has just about every fandom you can think of. If it has a movie franchise, Funko has it! In the picture above, Funko released the Star Wars Pop! franchise but they have many other franchises like Star Trek characters!

You made it to the bottom of the article, congratulations! However, you and I both know you should be on Amazon buying these babies up! Happy shopping!