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3 Tips to Help Manage Your Busy Second Semester

For some reason, the second semester always feels busier than the first. There is more homework, more meetings and more stress packed into the 17-week long semester. Here are three tips to help you manage the second semester and all its ups and downs.

  1. Get Organized / Prioritize

First of all, you should definitely get organized! I personally love planners, which I write the schedules for all of my classes in to remind me of what I need to do each week, day-by-day. Another great way to become organized is to make a to-do list for yourself each day so that it is easier to stay focused. Prioritizing is also great first step in keeping your stress at a minimum level. One of the infamous ways to prioritize is to do the essentials first, then options second. Prioritizing is similar to time management and can be changed as time goes on. These skills take time to learn, so do not feel any negativity towards yourself if you don’t have these accomplished right away. I am still learning and tweaking my system as a junior!

2.  Set Boundaries / Time Management

Setting boundaries for yourself allows you to say “no” and stick to it! As the second semester continues, setting strict boundaries can help reduce stress as well as help manage your time effectively. These boundaries are able to guide how you spend your time. Time management is a skill you gain in college that will follow you the rest of your life. Managing your time means allotting gracious time slots for each event happening that day. For example, my time management means waking up early and doing homework before and after class every day, but some of my friends are able to work on homework on days they do not have class.  Setting boundaries and planning ahead can also allow for rest when needed, which is essential to keeping calm and collected during a busy schedule. Boundaries are important for many things in life, not only time management. This can include relationships, school/volunteer work, and more! These boundaries can allow you to flourish put your time into the things that matter most.  

   3.   Relax

Lastly, relaxation is key and can look different for everyone. Some people think it is reading a book before bed, while others think it is playing an intramural sport. Either way, relaxation is key to avoid becoming overwhelming this semester. Relaxing also includes sleep, which is a necessity to our bodies. Sleep is often put on the back burner as school becomes more hectic and can lead to a burn out. When scheduling time to relax, try hanging out with friends or going to bed earlier than normal just to give your body extra time to decompress from the day. Another great way to relax is a bath, which can be therapeutic and calming. A long bath can force you to slow down and take your eyes away from your technology.

I hope all of you have an amazing spring semester! Keep these tips in mind to help you manage your time and efforts in all you do!

I am a senior at the University of West Georgia studying Mass Communications concentrating on Digital Media and Telecommunications. My minor is in English literature. I hope to become a content creator once I graduate this December!
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