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What in Tarnation Memes Based on Your Major

While memes are usually a little weird, our most recent “wot ‘n tarnation?” meme is an especially odd one – in the most entertaining of ways! This meme all began with a picture of a little southern pup in a cowboy hat. Initially, it was used to express the humorous reactions we southerners sometimes have to bizarre ideas or situations – like it being illegal to marry your cousin in some states! Wot ‘n tarnation? Now the people of the internet are simply photoshopping the cowboy hat onto a whole array of pictures and pairing them up with phrases that rhyme with the original meme. There’s a “wot ‘n tarnation” meme that applies to every major – find yours below!


What history major doesn’t love a good beheading? 


Psychoanalysis, anyone?


Political Science

Oh! The decision-maker – our 45th president, folks! 


I think I can speak on the behalf of all English majors when I say that MLA citations are the bane of our existence.

Criminal Justice

Save the kittens!

Thumbnail courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

Clara Laine is an English major, with a focus on creative writing, and a minor in psychology. Her passions include, but are not limited to, writing, adventuring, and tea drinking. She loves lying out on the beach, experimenting with new recipes, and people watching. Most importantly, her Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw.
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