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What It’s Like to be a Nymphomaniac

In our society sex is viewed as taboo, especially if you’re a woman. Imagine what that would be like if you just so happened to be a nymphomaniac, or sex addict.

Dictionary.com defines a nymphomaniac as “a woman who has abnormally excessive and uncontrollable sexual desire.”

While there are problems that come with being addicted to sex (the possibility of STDs or other diseases as well as risks to other aspects of their lives), it’s not as dangerous as you might think. I was able to talk with a sex addict, so others know that they are not alone.

Her Campus: When did you realize you were a sex addict?

Sex Addict: After I became sexually active, I realized that sex, to me, was amazing.

HC: Has being a nymphomaniac changed your view of relationships?

SA: It’s changed a little because now the physical aspect of relationships means nothing. I don’t associate sex with love or emotion anymore.  The mental and emotional parts of being in relationships are still iffy for me.

HC: With that, do you think you’ll ever be or want to be in a relationship again? Do you think it would be difficult?

SA: I like having a constant partner, yes. But the emotional part of relationships is not something I want to have right now.

HC: So, you’re looking for a friends with benefits, but both of you are mutually exclusive?

SA: Exactly what I want. 

HC: Do you feel like others judge you for it?

SA: Not really. I mean sex is sex, and I’m not ashamed of what I do. Even if others are judging me for what I do, I don’t care.

HC: Do you think there’s a stereotype for sex addicts?

SA: Most definitely. The girls, at least, are usually referred to as whores or sluts. It’s not cool.

HC: Do you feel like you fit that stereotype?

SA: No. The stereotypical definition of sex addicts would be someone who slept around with a handful of different people constantly. They usually get called whores or sluts. I don’t do that. I just happen to sleep with one person a lot.

HC: Do you think another stereotype would be that a sex addict would sleep with basically anyone?

SA: I think that could be a stereotype, yes, but I’m straight. I have a type. If I’m not physically attracted to someone, I’m not going to be able to be comfortable with the sex.

HC: Do you have any advice people for people who are nymphomaniacs?

SA: Don’t get discouraged, finding a partner with the same sex drive as you is difficult, but it’s possible. There are plenty of us out there.

HC: What about people whose friends are sex addicts? Any advice for them on how to deal with it?

SA: Trust them. Know that they are being smart about what they are doing and don’t stop loving them because they are sexually active.

HC: Any advice for sex in general?

SA: Be careful. Never assume the other person has condoms or other protection. Don’t go with anybody you don’t know. Protect yourself first, if you start getting uncomfortable don’t do it. If you feel threatened or unsafe, get out, leave, find a way home.

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