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RHA President, Nature Enthusiast: Jade Jacobs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWF chapter.

Name: Jade Jacobs

Major/Minor(s): Marine Biology / Spanish Minor

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Cedar Falls, Iowa

Her Campus: How are you involved on campus?

Jade Jacobs: I’m the president of the Residence Hall Association, member or NRHH, a mentor of the Kugelman Honors program, and work as a research assistant in Dr. Royappa’s chemistry lab.

HC: How did you become involved with RHA?

JJ: Last year I was involved with Pace Hall’s community council, which I then became the president of at the beginning of this year. About a month into the school year, the previous [RHA] president suddenly resigned. Following this, I saw the opportunity to help a student org that I care a lot about by filling an e-board position.

HC: What other organizations are you apart of on campus?

JJ: I’m the president of the Residence Hall Association, member of NRHH (National Residency Hall Honorary), a mentor of the Kugelman Honors program, and I work as a research assistant in Dr. Royappa’s chemistry lab.

HC: How has RHA changed you as a person? For example, have you become more organized, gained leadership skills, etc.

JJ: RHA has improved my professional and leadership skills. Attending [the South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls ] 2016 conference hosted at UCF was a great opportunity to network and become more comfortable in a conference setting with people from around the south east. RHA has also helped me improve by ability to lead a group both actively and passively and knowing when to balance the two strategies to best help the people I am leading. Time management was a key component with having a busy schedule on top of classes so this position has made me strengthen that ability.

HC: What do you like to do in your spare time?

JJ: In my spare time, I like to exercise. I was a competitive swimmer before I had a shoulder injury so now I just swim in my free time. I also like to travel and explore state and national parks. Anything that gets me out into nature and moving makes me happy.

Photo Courtesy Jade Jacobs

HC: What is the one accomplishment you are proudest of? Why?

JJ: My most proud accomplishment is one that is ongoing and something I hope to continue to build and strengthen. That is, being someone that others look up to. There is nothing that has made me more proud than a child I coached or someone I mentored saying that they want to be like me or parents and coaches telling me that they hope their children follows in my footsteps. Personally, I want even better for them. I want them to strive to reach their goals as they have helped encourage me to pursue mine. I absolutely love quotes, and I want to continue to live a life worth quoting.

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

JJ: In ten years, I hope to have my masters of science in either marine biology or environmental health. I’d like to have a steady job in my field and be able to travel either doing research or on my own time.

I am a telecommunication and Film major at UWF, minoring in Leadership Communication and International Studies. I am currently a senior and would like to write articles, take pictures, and spread the word about social injustices across the world. 
Abigail is a Journalism and Political Science major minoring in Spanish. She has a penchant for puns and can't go a morning without listening to NPR's Up First podcast. You can usually find her dedicating time to class work, Her Campus, College to Congress, SGA or hammocking. Her dream job is working as a television broadcast journalist on a major news network. Down time includes TED talk binges, reading and writing. You can follow Abigail on instagram and Twitter @abi_meggs