Pros and Cons of Strict Parents

Some people have the slightly unlucky opportunity to be raised by strict parents. These types of parents seem to want to control every aspect of their children’s life. Although strict parents may feel as if it is for their kid’s best, the kid may feel otherwise. Here are a few pros and cons of having strict parents that anyone with strict parents can relate to


Pro: One pro of having parents that are strict is that they keep you focused. By limiting your access to outside distractions, you have fewer opportunities to  stray away from your goals.


Pro: Being raised by strict parents engraves in an individual the importance of respecting those in authority. A benefit of this is that manners are made to seem invaluable, and behaving in ways that align with proper manners becomes second nature. As a result, children grow up understanding the importance of manners and maintaining good character.


Pro: Another pro is that deep down, maybe way deep down, you know your parents really care about you. Their attempt to seemingly control your life may actually be there way of showing their affection for you.




Con: A con to having no social life is that you have fewer chances to really experience life for yourself. Personally, I feel that by keeping kids from going to sleepovers and going out with friends, parents may instill in their children a sense of being closed off from most people.


Con: Too much authority can make kids feel intimidated toward authority. This fact may hinder an individual from forming close emotional bonds to their parents.


Con: A con to parents being strict because they love you is that you do not have the opportunity to make your own mistakes. Without having the freedom to make a lot of decisions for yourself, you do not have the chance to really grow as an individual.  A lot of life’s lessons are learned through mistakes.


In the end, every parent raises their child differently. Most parents strive to give their children the best lives possible. Although you may look back and believe your parents were being irrational, they may have, in fact, been protecting you from something that could hinder you from becoming great.