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The Old Taylor is NOT Dead

Taylor Swift fans waited more than three years for a new single to come out. When Look What You Made Me Do was released on Aug. 24, there were millions of excited Swift fans taking to the Internet to be one of the first to listen…. and one of the first to state their opinion, both positive and negative.

As a Swifty myself, it felt like we were getting an early Christmas. However, my joy did not last long. I thought to myself, is this really Taylor? I will admit that the song even made me a little uncomfortable. I decided to give it another chance and listened to it again, but I still was not feeling it; three years of waiting and I was so disappointed.

After listening to the song over the next couple of weeks and listening to the newest single …Ready For It?, I took some time to think about it. NEWSFLASH. The old Taylor is not dead. I repeat, NOT dead. The only thing “dead” is her former reputation of being someone who takes crap from other people. She is merely metamorphosing. Are you the exact same person you were three years ago? I highly doubt it. Though her style may be changing, she is still the same cat loving, red lipped, rule breaking singer we’ve known and loved since her days as a country princess.

My advice to those of you who can’t seem to get past the initial shock of Taylor’s new singles is to stick it out. Shake it off. Stay with us Swifties for the crazy ride that will be her new album, Reputation. I for one will be chomping at the bits until it is released on Nov. 10, 2017!

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Theresa is a Senior at the University of West Florida studying marine biology. She is also the HCXO (Bonding) chair for Her Campus UWF. In her free time you may find her cuddling fur babies, rereading Harry Potter books, or staring off into space. Insta: Toodledoo831
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