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Meet the CAB Executive Board: A Team of Strong Women

A group of powerful women who are making contributions to UWF are the women leading the Campus Activity Board. CAB is student-run organization that brings fun activities to campus. They provide dozens of programs for the UWF community. Currently, CAB’s entire executive board is ran by women. We asked them who has inspired them to be who they are today, as well as how their all-female team is so successful.

President: Jay-ana Benavente

Jay-ana Benavente a senior here at UWF, expected to graduate this May. She will be receiving a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Recreation and Resort Management.

HC UWF: Who is your role model?

Jay-ana:“Hands-down, my role model is my mom. She has been my rock, my motivation and my number one supporter. I have seen my mom go through several hardships, but every single time she has proven to be the strongest woman I know. She amazes me every single day, and I can only hope to be just like her as I continue to grow.”

HC UWF: How has being an all-female e-board affected how you work as a team?

Jay-ana: “I got involved with CAB during my freshman year at UWF, so I have had the opportunity to see the inner workings of multiple executive boards.  This year’s board is the smallest CAB has ever had with only four members, including myself… and we are all females. Our job can sometimes be tough with such a small team, but there is nothing we cannot handle. My board consists of some of the most strong, empowering women that I know.  We work through our issues and we are always supportive of one another. They inspire me every single day. I hope that our legacy instills motivation to not only female student leaders, but to all UWF students.”

Vice President: Jericka Hunter

Jericka is a senior theater major. In addition to holding the Vice President role on the campus activity board, she is also Miss Blue and White for Phi Beta Sigma, Fraternity, INC. here on campus.

HC UWF: Who is your role model?

Jericka: “My role model is the one and only Oprah Winfrey herself. She is absolutely fabulous at her career and I love her aspirations in life. She holds herself to high standards and I am very inspired by her walks through life.”

Operations Chair: Racine Frank

Racine is a junior and is majoring in international studies with a minor in Spanish and criminal justice.

HC UWF: Who is your role model?

Racine: “My role model is my mother – I love her so much! She is my role model because she has stayed strong throughout her life with the hardships she has faced. Her childhood was rough, she raised my brother and me while serving in the United States Air Force and she now lives overseas working as a civilian and she travels when she has free time. I mention this because she has shown me what a woman is capable of and how anyone can persevere through difficult times. Not only is my mother strong and independent, she is caring, wise and super fun! Seriously, she loves being around people, cooking, laughing and so much more. I love it and I am definitely a mini her. I love my mother dearly and I thank her for being in my life and being there for me during the good times as well as the bad times. Mama T for life!”

HC UWF: How has being an all female e-board affected how you work as a team?

Racine: “We previously had two guys on the e-board, but since their departures it has been us ladies and it has been fun! Honestly, I do not realize at times that we are all female, but when I do step back and recognize it all, I am pleased to know that we are keeping the campus environment lively and exciting. Of course, this would not be possible without the help of our Cabbies!”

Marketing Chair: McKenna Hyman

McKenna is a sophomore at UWF. Her major is health promotions. As marketing chair, she runs all of the social media accounts which includes Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. She also reaches out to other organizations to participate or even help sponsor or be a part of an event. Her main job is to increase the number of students coming to CAB events.

HC UWF: Who is your role model?

McKenna: “My dad is my role model in life. He came from a poor family, he was one of seven children. He worked his way through college paying off classes slowly through scholarships and loans. Despite this hardship he made it through college with not just a bachelor’s degree, but a doctorate degree in aerospace engineering, or what we like to call a ‘rocket scientist.’ Although because of him, I do not struggle with the same hardships, but I have learned through his that even in the toughest of circumstances I can make it through, even if the odds are against me.”

This powerful group of women show that no matter the obstacles, we can break the glass ceiling by working together.

Sara is a sophmore at the University of West Florida. She is majoring in Comprehensive Marketing and minoring in management and international business. She has a passion for the beauty industy and aspires to be a social media marketer for a cosmetics company. Her other hobbies include cooking, hiking, paddleboarding and SCUBA diving.
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