I Ordered From a Cheap Clothing Website and This is What Happened

The first time I visited the Romwe website I was impressed with the amount clothing options they have, and how nice the website looked; for a website that is known for their cheap prices on clothing, I didn’t expect it to be so nice.

I had watched many Romwe reviews on YouTube that said to order to size or two larger than your normal size, but as someone who has ordered a size or two up at stores before and had them be way too big, I had a fear that if I ordered a size up none of the clothes would end up fitting. Along with being warned to order a larger size, I also heard that their “one-size” clothes are very small.

I ordered four shirts, one sweater, one jean jacket, one cardigan, two skirts and one pair of pants. Three shirts and the sweater are “one-size.” The other shirt, jean jacket, both skirts and the pants are size smalls, and the only medium I ordered was the cardigan because I wanted an oversized fit for fall. With this order I received one free decorative pillow case and free express shipping. The package shipped and arrived when it said it would; I placed my order on Wednesday, October 18 and received my package on Tuesday, October 24.

Shirt 1: Slogan Print Tee

Size: One-Size

Price: $6.99

Review: When I ordered this shirt I was expecting more of a full-sized t-shirt than a crop top, but I should have checked the “size guide” to see the length of the shirt. It is tight on me and I am a small in regular t-shirts so I don’t think their “one-size” is meant to be a one size fits all. It’s just one size. Overall, I like this shirt and think it was worth $6.99.

Shirt 2: Scallop Trim Longline Tunic Top

Size: Small

Price: $5.99

This top is made from a thin material and is slightly tight under the arms, but overall it's a nice shirt. However, there is some threading that is coming loose under the left arm, already.

Shirt 3: Black and White Plaid Tie Front Cuffed Shirt

Size: One-Size

Price: $8.99

This shirt is very thin, but very cute. This “one-size” shirt could be considered “one size fits most” because of its cut and style. I will be wearing this shirt more once the weather warms up!

Shirt 4: Floral Print Random Split Tie Back Cami Top

Size: One-Size

Price: $5.99

I love this shirt! It's by far my favorite thing I ordered. The back of the shirt is completely split open, at the top there is a button and at the bottom there is a tie. This allows me to make it as loose or tight as I want it to be. This shirt is also made of a nice material and is 100 percent worth $5.99.

Sweater: V Cut Lace Up Sweater

Size: One-Size

Price: $12.99

I expected this sweater to be a little bit oversized for it being a “one-size”, but it is a bit tight, especially in the arms. It is also poorly made. Before even wearing it out and only trying it on two or three times, the seam on the left sleeve has already started unraveling to the point where I will have to fix it before I can wear it out.

Jean Jacket: Ripped Drop Shoulder Stitch Detail Denim Jacket

Size: Small

Price: $21.99

This outerwear piece is the second favorite thing I ordered! I was afraid it would be way too small with all the reviews. But, it turned out to be oversized and almost exactly what I wanted. My only complaint is that the website made it seem to be a black jean jacket instead of the dark-wash denim it actually is.

Cardigan: Grey Elastic Cuff Cardigan with Pockets

Size: Medium

Price: $12.99

I ordered a medium in this cardigan so it would be slightly oversized and I could wear it over my clothes for fall, but it's very small. I will sadly not be wearing this cardigan this fall.

Skirt 1: Black Scalloped Hem A-Line Skirt

Size: Small

Price: $7.99

Another winner! This cute skirt is a good length, but it's thin and a little big. However, there is nothing else wrong with this skirt so I think I’ll be wearing it more once it warms up!

Skirt 2: Plaid Bodycon White Skirt

Size: Small

Price: $9.99

Another one of my favorites! I was afraid it was going to be very short, and don’t get me wrong I would like it to be slightly longer, but it is definitely wearable. However, it is incredibly thin, and I will have to buy something to wear under it. Also, when I read “bodycon” I expected to be a little bit stretchy. The fabric does not give at all.

Pants: Tie Waist Shirred Peg Pants

Size: Small

Price: $11.99

These pants look cute, but are very thin, like most of the items I ordered. If the weather warms up I will definitely wear these pants because they are very comfortable!

Overall Experience

I had a very pleasant experience using Romwe, and I will probably shop from them again. If you are thinking about buying from Romwe, just know that most of the clothes are very thin and will probably have strings on them from where threading is coming loose. As far as the clothes running small, the only item that was uncomfortably small was the cardigan, which happened to be the only item I ordered I size up in, so it just depends on the item you order.

All photos by Sydney Townsend