How to Be Confident Without Spending Money

Don’t base your worth on material possessions! You’re a grown-ass human being.

Are we seriously still having this conversation?

Look at this camel. Does it look like it cares that it doesn’t have a brand new iPhone? Camel doesn’t care. Camel is confident regardless of its financial status.

Check out this red panda. It gives no fucks about someone else’s opinion. And neither should you.

Equally disinterested: this chameleon. She doesn’t care that her eyes are a little funny. She’s having the time of her life because she knows that she has super cool abilities.

This hawk is looking for a good time, not an expensive pair of shoes. He knows that he’s still a top predator no matter what pair of sneakers he can afford.

Is a puppy in an expensive Halloween costume cuter than a regular puppy? If you said yes, you’re a monster. All puppies are cute. All of them.

Oh, hey, look at this feather star. It doesn’t need to spend money to be brave even though it’s an invertebrate (it has no backbone). You do have a backbone so you have no excuse but to be brave!

Money is useful; with it, you can buy food, shelter, medicine, education, and anything else that facilitates happiness. But spending money on clothing or acne treatment won’t make you a better person. Confidence is about knowing who you are, what your purpose is, and pursuing that purpose with enthusiasm. I hate to break it to you, but a new skirt won’t change the fact that you’re too afraid to speak to your campus crush. A $42 lipstick won’t convince your boss that you deserve a promotion. You can’t buy fortitude, poise or competence at the mall.

You must understand that money, or lack thereof, does not determine your worth as a human being. Your worth is based on your actions, words, and thoughts. So if you’re a good person, if you hold yourself to some standard, if you’re using your talent and abilities for the good of our world… what do you have to doubt?

You don’t need to spend money to find the confidence to live your life. Quit acting like mascara is more important than your character.

Thumbnail courtesy of Getty Images