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A Coffee Addict’s Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Pensacola

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWF chapter.

Coffee is something most of us drink on a regular basis, and before writing this article, I thought the best coffee shop in Pensacola was Starbucks. Looking through my GPS for coffee shops, I was pleasantly surprised to learn Pensacola is has hidden gems all over the city.  This means we can get our coffee fix virtually anywhere.  

1. The Bodacious Brew

Image via Bodacious Brew

The Bodacious Brew is a cute and friendly coffee shop located on S Palafox St. They have four brewing methods for serving coffee, and they offer espresso, breakfast and tea. Reviews on Trip Advisor claim that Bodacious Brews makes the “best latte in Pensacola,” and they offer gluten-free options!

The Bodacious Brew

2. The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company

Image via The Drowsy Poet Coffee Company

The Drowsy Poet is a literature-inspired coffee shop with a cozy, warm environment. They have several gluten-free options for lunch, and their coffee is one of the best. The Poetchino, their signature drink, is much like a Starbucks Frappuccino, but without the bellyache. My favorite Poetchino is the mocha with a mocha wall, it tastes like a chocolate shake but with coffee!

Drowsy Poet Coffee

3. The Leisure Club

Image via The Leisure Club

The Leisure Club is a trendy coffee shop located near the mall. The interior is modern and features secluded areas to relax after a long day of shopping. They offer many flavors to add to your coffee, one being lavender! The Leisure Club uses Intelligentsia coffee, a direct trade, single origin coffee roaster and retailer. The Leisure Club offers gluten-free waffles and delicious vegan options; this place is a must for coffee-lovers.

The Leisure Club

4. Constant Coffee and Tea

Image via Constant Coffee and Tea

Constant Coffee and Tea is located on Scenic Highway, and is rated number six on Trip Advisor for best coffee. According to their reviews, this shop has a delicious mocha, friendly service and an all-around great atmosphere! It also offers outdoor seating, takeout and free Wi-Fi!

Constant Coffee and Tea

5. Fosko Coffee Barre

Image via Fosko Coffee Barre

The Fosko Coffee Barre is known for their lattes, crepes and mini cheesecakes. Located downtown, you can stop by and grab a dessert and a latte to recharge after a long day of shopping. They also offer alcohol and wine.

Fosko Coffee Bar

6. Bad Ass Coffee Company Pensacola

Image via Bad Ass Coffee Company

This Hawaiian inspired coffee shop lives up to its name. Bad Ass Coffee is strongly reviewed for its fantastic customer service, and while you are there you can buy flavored Kona coffee! Bad Ass Coffee is located on Underwood Avenue near Cordova Mall.

Bad Ass Coffee

7. Maximilian Coffee

Image via Maximilian Coffee

Maximilian Coffee is a comfy and intimate atmosphere that offers many unique options including Cuban Café Con Leche and Espresso Con Panna. This shop is located on N 12th Avenue, and they offer gluten-free options!

Maximilian Coffee

Cover image via UA Magazine