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9 Ways to Know If You’re the Bad Roommate

We all like to think we’re good people, or at least fairly decent, particularly when it comes to living with other people. Unfortunately, were are a little egocentric when it comes to that thinking. The true test of time is when you live with roommates. They don’t know all your odd quirks and living habits. So even if you think you’re the best person to live with, check to see if you committ any one of these roommate sins.

1. Snoring like a volcano.

You can choose to ignore that you don’t and try to make it not come up in conversations, but there has to come a point where you do have to mention it. While you don’t hear it yourself – nor plan to – others do have to suffer. It could be sleep apnea, weight, allergies, it runs in the family or other excuses. No matter what, you know you snore something terrible and your other roommates (more so the one that shares the double room with me) have to deal with it.

2. Not doing your dishes.

You might always tell yourself that you will do my dishes as soon as you get done eating. That usually turns into the Thursday right before you drive back home for the weekend or run out of dishes for the week. Make a point of washing all the dishes, though. Your roomies will be pretty grateful for it and it makes up for leaving all my dirty dishes in the sink for them to stare at.

3. Leaving your hair in the drain.

You might not intentionally do this, but it happens. Four girls living in one suite is havoc. Hair gets everywhere and clumps and, if you don’t pick them up in time, turn into those weird hair tumbleweeds. But it gets stuck in the drain and caught on the grate when you shower. You look at it and know that you need to grab it on your way out, but you always fail to remember.

4. Leaving your clothes all over the room.

If you share a room with another person and have those moments where you feel lazy, your clothes end up everywhere. As long as you pick them up eventually, it works out, right?

5. Not replacing the toilet paper.

It’s not cool. Replace the toilet paper so your roommates (or even you if you live alone) don’t have to waddle and feel gross to go get some. Even if you wake up at 3 am and are half asleep on your trek to do your business, you still need to replace it.

6. Sleeping with the TV on.

You might be one of those people that has to have something on in the background in order to go to sleep. You’ve probably gotten used to having your TV on in order to get to sleep, with a sleep timer. Though, now that you’re sharing a room, it could be a struggle. As long as your roomie doesn’t mind keep it on.

7. Listening to your music too loudly.

Just because you like Justin Bieber doesn’t mean your whole suite does. If they do, though, that’s amazing. Computer generated friends can be blessings. There is a possibility that your roommates won’t have the same taste in music that you do. Be considerate about it and don’t blast your screamo at odd hours of the night.

8. Mess with the thermostat.

Some people have to sleep with the room like a freezer to get to sleep. Others prefer it hot. If you toggle with the thermostat, just remember that they will most likely change it back to a more normal temperature. Be cool with it. If you can change it, so can they.

9. Use their things.

It’s one thing to use your roommate’s things if you have permission. It’s another thing to use them and not clean them before returning, if returning it at all. As long as you have permission, which you should always ask for, make sure to return it in the same condition you got it.

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