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8 “Squad Goals” Worthy Group Costume Ideas

If you have a very “squad goals” worthy squad already but you don’t know what you all will be for Halloween, here are eight squad goals worthy group costume ideas!

The 90’s

We’re all a bunch of 90s kids. No matter how old we become we will always claim that title, so why not embrace it during Halloween?

1. Beanie Babies

Image via Shopify

Grab multiple different animal print onesies and print off red heart labels that match the original beanie baby tags, and voila! A herd of Beanie babies! 

2. Spice Girls

You can take this idea two different ways. You can either do the real Spice Girls and copy their outfits as a group:

Image via Buzzfeed

or you make it literal and dress as different spices. 

Image via Costume Wall

Classic Games

All the new games coming out might peak your interest for cool costume ideas, but don’t forget about the classic games too!

3. Pac-Man

Image via Pinterest

For this Pac-Man group costume you can draw eyes on colored t-shirts to be the ghosts, and eyes and mouth on a yellow t-shirt to be Pac-Man.  You can also make/or buy some Pac-Man character cutouts, if you want to go the extra mile.

4. Dominos

Image via Young Finances 

This one is very simple and you can do it no matter how many people are in your squad. Dress in all black and cut out white circles and one white stripe per person, then place them on you to mimic a Domino. 

Movies and Shows

Our society runs on pop culture, which is why you should dress up as your fav pop culture icons for Halloween.

5. The Emotions from Inside Out

Image via Geek x Girls

To really sell this look you might need some body paint, but copying the emotions clothes will probably work just fine. 

6. The Kardashians

Image via Pinterest 

You can do a simple Kim and Kanye or North West and Penelope, or if you have a big enough squad, dress up as all of the Kardashians and Jenners! 

Throwback to the Classics

The classics should always hold a special place in our hearts, even if they are only properly remembered during Halloween.

7. Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Gang

Image via Pinterest

This is a very simple group costume to pull together, just find clothes that match each character’s outfit. Also, it’s easier if one person has a dog who can be Scooby. 

8. Pink Ladies and T-Birds

Image via The Berry

For a simple version of the Pink Ladies your girl squad can wear all black and a pink bomber jacket. For a simple version of the T-birds, all you need to do is wear black jeans, white V-neck and black leather jackets. 

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