7 Perfect Dates That’ll Fit into Any College Budget

Being in college can be financially draining. As students, you’ve got books, tuition, groceries, rent or dorm payments and a never ending stream of small expenses. It’s tough out there and let’s face it, most college students are financially challenged. Darn that pursuit of future financial security and  wish to follow your dreams! In any event, your college financial situation doesn’t have to mean the death of your love life during this cuffing season. There are plenty of cost effective activities that still lead to great fun, so here are seven perfect dates that will prove that you can have a good time without breaking the bank.

1. Coffee Dates

Coffee shops and cafes are great for inexpensive dates. They provide the perfect environment for pleasant conversation and are open from early until late in the day. The date won’t cost you more than a cup or two of coffee. If the cafe is in a downtown area, you can also take a nice stroll and go exploring the town with your date. What more could you ask for? Just try to avoid all of the extra bells and whistles like extra shots of espresso and extra whip cream to keep the price reasonable. You don’t want to leave the cafe wired and broke.


2. The Beach

Morning, noon or night, the beach is a great place to relax and have fun with a date. You can go splashing in the water, take a walk along the pier or play volleyball with your date, and it will cost you nothing. You can’t go wrong with a date by the water. The beach is particularly nice at night when most of the beachgoers have gone home. It does get a little chilly in the evening, so bring a sweater or snuggle up with your date to keep warm.


3. Hiking and Biking

Outdoor activities are great dates for your budget. You can enjoy the great outdoors with your partner and get some exercise for virtually no money. Hiking will cost you nothing while you and your boo get in tune with nature, and biking is usually pretty cheap. You may have to rent bikes depending on the location, but if you and your date already own some of your own, then a nice bike ride will do you and your bank account wonders.  


4. Netflix Movie Marathons

We all love Netflix. It’s really wonderful. If you and your date are trying to stay in to save some cash, then spread out the snacks and sit down for a Netflix movie marathon. Netflix adds new movies all the time, so get exploring. Having a partner to scroll through the listings and search for some movie titles may help you discover some new favorites. When it comes to Netflix, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you might even chill. The possibilities are endless.


5. Picnics at Local Parks

Picnics are delightful. They simply are. And if you’ve got the groceries at home, the picnic doesn’t need to cost you anything but the time it takes to prepare the yummy food. Pack some sandwiches, potato salad, chips and whatever other favorites you have in mind and head out to your local park. You can enjoy the scenery and have a nice, homemade meal with your sweetie. You can’t go wrong with a picnic on a cool autumn day.


5. Gallery Night

Take a trip to your local museums and art houses. Oftentimes, the local art scene will have a designated night where entry fees are cut in half or are completely removed. You can go and get some culture for free. Gallery nights are great date nights because you can explore the local area and see whatever artists and exhibits you’ve been missing out on. The exhibits are also great conversation starters if you’re on a first date and don’t know what to talk about.


7. Free Shows

Check your local bars, parks and venues to see if and when they are hosting free events. Plenty of places have open mic nights or local bands performing in the area for no admission charge. All you have to bring is your date and some snacks. Sometimes there are shows in local parks completely free of charge. You can have a fun night on the town and can hear some local bands while you are at it. If you’re a fan of the music, then you can connect with the local talent and link up for more free shows in the future.


So there are our seven budget friendly dates for every college cutie. You can do a lot with a little money. Now that you know dating doesn’t have to break the bank this cuffing season, you may now go forth and live your best dating life.