The 7 Best Memes from Hurricane Irma

We all know about Hurricane Irma (or Irmageddon as I choose to call it) that hit our state a few weeks ago. We had our fair share of anxiety and nail biting. Luckily, it wasn’t for long.

The U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, south west Florida and other areas in the Caribbean were badly damaged be the storm. It was heartbreaking to see the destruction of these places, and many turned to Twitter for a distraction and way to find a laugh in the middle of the chaos.

While most of the country was like this:

Floridians were like this

We're here to show you the top nine memes from Hurricane Irma. 

1. Please PIVOT!

2. Our best hope.

3. We obviously needed Moana to calm things down.

4. Spaghetti soup anyone?

5. Hurricane Irma wants to visit Disney, too.

6. It's fine, just a bit of rain!

7. Florida, can you not?

While these were great, I’m going to leave you with one more. This one’s for you Hurricane Maria!

Cover image courtesy of Business Insider