5 Ways to Know Your Residence Hall is Haunted

In case you weren’t aware, Halloween is coming up! It's the epitome of spooky things, including ghost stories. Now, some people don’t believe in ghosts or haunted places, which is fine, but they are most likely delusional.

There is proof that the residence halls on college campuses are haunted. If you've experienced the following things, your residence hall just might be cursed.

Photo courtesy Pexels.

1. You always hear voices.

For real. There are always voices, screams, and grunts that seem to echo through the room. You know it’s not you because you’re the only one there! It’s heard outside the door, right above you, and even when you’re finally taking a shower for the day. The voices are everywhere! While it is hard to decipher them, it’s not hard to hear them.

2. Things are constantly moving.

You always hear the thuds and scrapes from above you. Sometimes it’s as quiet as a pen dropping or as loud and annoying as a bedframe bumping the wall repeatedly. It’s worse when you’re trying to sleep and there’s too much noise. It’s not like you can go confront anyone. Not many people would believe you.

3. Your clothes have moved from the dryer.

You know you put them in the dryer two hours ago. How did they end up on the table? Did they just levitate and end up there?

4. Phantom texts.

Don’t act like you haven’t heard the buzz buzz and check your phone. Only to find out that no one has tried to contact you in any way! I think what hurts most is that the undead are still more popular than you.

5. Your bank account is draining.

It has to be all the electrical charge they talk about in those ghost hunting shows. A glitch or something. It’s not like you ate out 6 times this week. Or spent $50 at Target. Twice. No, it has to be those stupid ghosts. It makes sense.

6. You know people have died here.

They died and left their cars. It’s to fool you into thinking the school is full. Why else would there be no other parking?

With that, you should know that your dorm is haunted. There is no other explanation for what’s going on. It’s not like there are other students around or anything.