5 Velcro Life Hacks For Your Inner Fashionista

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Buttons will always be a necessity to any pair of jeans that you own. Zippers are closely following behind buttons as the fashion world’s favorite duo when it comes to jeans. Both of these fasteners are the little details that act as functional pieces to clothing. There is one fastener, in particular, that never really comes across anyone’s mind as being useful in fashion. We’re talking about Velcro strips, ladies! It’s time for Velcro to finally get the respect that it deserves as a meaningful fastening device. Here are five fashion life hacks that show how Velcro strips can make any fashionista’s life a little easier.

1. Keeping collars in place

Have you ever had those collars that just don’t seem to stay in place? Velcro strips can make that an easy fix! Simply place a Velcro strip under each collar tab so that collar won’t be a nuisance anymore.


2.  Remove pills from clothing

There have been many solutions discovered to deal with those little balls of lint that show up on clothing after a few washes but never seem to go away. None of these solutions could ever compare to what Velcro strips can do. All you have to do is run a Velcro strip over the article of clothing and pull up until the pilling is gone.

3.  Quick fixes for hems

If you’re short, like me, you probably find it hard to find pants that aren’t too long on you. Well that problem is a thing of the past by using Velcro strips to adjust hems. You don’t have to limit yourself with the clothing items that you are able to adjust with Velcro strips. You can adjust pants, jeans and even sleeve lengths in a matter of minutes.


4.  Organize your jewelry

Create a work of art that you can use in your day-to-day life because everyone knows that accessorizing is important. All you need is a canvas, colored felt and you guessed it…Velcro strips. In less than thirty minutes, you’ll have a creative way to organize your jewelry that looks aesthetically pleasing in your bedroom.


5.  Repair purses

The closure on your favorite purse has finally called it quits. So what’s a girl to do? Attach a Velcro strip along with some tough glue to where your original closure used to be. You can now make sure that your purse remains closed while also hiding the closure method. This easy fix can make your purses last a lifetime.