5 UWF Instagram Accounts You Need to Be Following Right Now

We’ve all caught ourselves scrolling through our Instagram feeds mindlessly during our free time, and maybe even in class. Why not scroll with a purpose? Social media is a great way to get the word out about important news and upcoming events, and UWF has taken note of that. Here are five Instagram accounts every Argo should follow to stay up to date:

1. @goargos (athletic department)    

For those Argos interested in athletics, this is the account to follow. From in action photos of athletes to season updates, this account gives an insight into the many sports teams of UWF.

2. @uwfsga

The Student Government Association helps make sure each student’s voice is heard. As we just had an election, many of the recent post include highlights of the upcoming year.

3. @uwfadmission

As the name says, this account underscores the importance of admission events. You can also tag your friends who are considering colleges and let them know about all UWF has to offer them.

4. @uwf_firstyearadvising

As a first year student, it can be a little hard getting used to college life. This account informs new students of any news or event they must know about to have a successful first year.

5. @uwfcab

The Campus Activity Board hosts many fun events to give students a break from studying. This account helps keep you up to date with the latest CAB activities.

These are just a few of the many UWF Instagram accounts. Others include: @uwfrec, @uwfsi (student involvement) and @uwflibraries. So next time you are just scrolling, you should consider following these accounts to see what you are missing out on.