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5 Thoughts Every Florida Girl Has During Fall

Having lived in Florida my whole life, I know what it’s like to be patiently waiting for fall to come, but then constantly being disappointed. The weather stays unbearably hot for at least a month after it’s officially fall. Then after that, it’s still too warm to fully enjoy going to the pumpkin patch. Half of my wardrobe is sweaters and fuzzy socks that I only can wear for two months out of the year. Every girl in Florida shares the same struggles during the “fall” months.  

1.  “Since its fall, I guess there is no more focusing on the bikini body, therefore I can eat this entire box of pumpkin donuts. Also, I don’t have to shave my legs anymore! Actually, none of that is true, because last year I was still in a bathing suit on Thanksgiving.”

2. “I want to go to Halloween Horror Nights, but I need to plan around the heat and hurricanes.”  

3. “These boots are so cute! I’m going to spend $50 on them even though I already have five pairs. Since it’s finally October, I can wear them with a jacket and a beanie! *Takes 2 steps outside* Oh sike it’s still 90 degrees. Now these adorable boots will just sit in my closet until December along with all my sweaters, coats and scarfs.”

4. “I love going to corn mazes and sunflower fields, but the outfits that would look cute in these pictures always make me too hot. But, if you go at night when it’s cooler you can’t take insta-worthy pictures! The two options are: should I go to a cute pumpkin patch and pretend that I’m not sweating, or should I go to the beach and pretend that it’s not November.”

5. “A pumpkin apple scented candle, aka the two most fall foods combined into one? I need it. It will make my entire apartment smell like Thanksgiving dessert. But, it can also be a vital source of light for when this weekend’s hurricane knocks out my power. It’s a win-win situation!”  

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Sara is a sophmore at the University of West Florida. She is majoring in Comprehensive Marketing and minoring in management and international business. She has a passion for the beauty industy and aspires to be a social media marketer for a cosmetics company. Her other hobbies include cooking, hiking, paddleboarding and SCUBA diving.
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