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The difference between a same sex couple and a heterosexual couple? Pretty much nothing. Even though there aren’t many differences, some people don’t seem to understand that. It's important to discuss common myths about same sex couples to put an end to the rumors and the stigma given to those who are in the LGBTQ community.

1. All same sex couples are only together for sex.

Although this may be the case in some relationships, it’s not true for every couple. This can also happen in straight couples as well. It’s not a same sex couple thing. We are also looking to find love and a partner for the rest of our life.

2. Same sex couples have the same privileges as straight couples.

I wish. Unfortunately this myth is not true though it should be. We get dirty looks for holding hands or hugging our significant other while no one bats an eye when a straight couple does the same.

3. The relationship tends to be unstable.

Like any relationship, there can be rough patches. That doesn’t make my relationship any more unstable than anyone else’s. An unstable relationship can be found in any type of relationship.

4. Same sex couples can turn children gay.

The amounts of times I have heard this is ridiculous. The LGBTQ community is not out looking to recruit children! They are just trying to live their lives like anyone else. If someone doesn't want their child exposed to same sex couples, then I suggest being polite about the situation for a better outcome.

5. Same sex couples make bad parents.

There are plenty of same sex couples who have raised successful children. The person you love does not affect your ability to raise a child.

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