5 Galentine's Day Ideas Leslie Knope Would Love

Ladies, it’s almost Valentine’s Day which means it’s also about time for Spring cleaning (and I don’t mean scavenging through raggedy winter clothes to toss at Goodwill). I am talking about break-up season. Guys don’t always like the idea of emptying their wallets on flowers and chocolate. This situation typically results in you finding yourself alone in bed with a family size bowl of mac n cheese. You may have ended up here a few times in the past, or maybe this is a first, but let me ensure you, you will not be sitting alone on this day of love.

Ah, Galentine's day. You may be very familiar with the concept. It’s a day when you and your ladies get to pamper yourselves. On Galentine’s day you don’t need to check your phone and worry about being left on read. Men have zero part in this special holiday. In our generation, it's important to work on self-love and this is just the time to do it.

So, pick up your girls and go local with these Pensacola-based ideas.

1. SoGourmet Cooking Class

This idea is a one of the pricier suggestions. However, if you and your girlfriend can spare $90, then this could work for you. If so, the class begins with complimentary glasses of champagne and the first course, which is salad and pasta with lobster cream sauce. In the second course, you will be taught to sear a filet on a cast iron skillet which will be accompanied by red potatoes with wild mushroom bordelaise, Tomato Rockefeller and grilled asparagus. Finally, the third course is a dessert of Cherries Jubilee over an almond pound cake.

Sounds pretty delicious to me. You and your friends will be paired into twos and work to create all of these items. At the end of the night you will eat together and then take home all the yummy leftovers. Just writing that menu down made me hungry. SoGourmet has incredible cooking classes that are not limited to Valentine’s day so feel free to take a cheaper class whenever your single, independent self desires.​

2. Hammocking

In my opinion, this is a great idea, especially if the weather permits it. You and all of your girls can pack up a hammock and find a serene spot full of trees to lay in. Pensacola in particular has a lot of woodsy areas. There are clean parks in East Hill, trees by the bay, and a nature trail on the UWF campus where you can find nice spots to setup camp.

Hanging in nature, bundled up with your besties, will bring out your Zen and give you a lot of time to relax.

3. Movies & Wine

Gather the ladies for a GNI and make it BYOB. Pick out your favorite movies on Netflix, Redbox, or On-Demand and build a living room fort for everyone to crash in.

Some of the best memories can happen on a Girls-Night-In. However, if you all feel like getting dressed up for a GNO, Jackson’s has 50 percent off wine bottles that Wednesday night. Either way, you all are sure to have a great time.

4. Go Sailing

OK, I know we are college students, and money is not always falling from the sky into our pockets, BUT Sailing is just too cool not to mention, in the case that you guys would be interested.

In this endeavor, your group will meet over at Jolly Sailing on Pensacola Beach. This sunset cruise starts at $35 per person, unless you want it to be a completely private party, in which case the price goes up to $75 (but what’s it gonna hurt to meet a stranger or two?). The cruise will last for two hours and those who are 21 and over will receive complimentary beer and wine.

5. When the bank is empty: Beach and Blankets

So now we come to the cheaper of the options, but a good time doesn’t always cost your paycheck. Carpool down to Pensacola Beach with the ladies, pick up a pizza, bring a speaker and pack plenty of blankets. The rest is history!