Why Is 2017 The Worst Year?

31st of December, New 2017 Year’s Eve. People are celebrating and anticipating a wonderful year, wishing 2017 to be incredibly amazing. While there were some amazing events, most of the 2017 was not very impressive, and, in fact, heartbreaking events took more place than any others. Let us highlight some disappointments and sadness of 2017.

Questionable Celebrity Role Models

Undoubtedly, Internet has changed the era. Nowadays people get access to all the information they need in couple minutes. However, there are several awful outcomes. YouTube, one of the most viewed pages of the internet, can help us to create celebrities in one view. With that, 2017 brought some questionable celebrity role models, such as Bhad Bhabie and Paul Logan. Children and teens watch them and get influenced. Is that a good influence though? That is the question left unanswered.

Immigration Ban

With Donald Trump becoming a new president, immigration laws started changing. The “Immigration Ban” was signed, which restricts citizens of several countries to get visa. Number of refugees being accepted lessened. Is this a good law for a country greatness to which was brought by the immigrants? The question is rhetorical.  

North Korea nuclear tests

As Trump said, the “rocket man” is continuing testing the nuclear weapons North Korea has, and it is obvious to everyone these experiments are not going to end well. The world is terrified and is waiting for the next crazy move.

Heartbreaking massive shootings

America has faced the biggest mass shooting ever - 489 people were injured and 58 were killed in Las Vegas shooting. 26 dead in Texas church shooting. How mad should one be to take lives of so many people? One more rhetorical question left unanswered.

United Kingdom terrorist attacks

2017 was not an easy year for the United Kingdom as well - several attacks organized by ISIS took lives of hundreds people in the UK. How long will this continue? Will the ISIS be stopped in 2018?

Natural disasters

2017 brought several severe natural disasters. Flooding and landslides in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Colombia; 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico; hurricanes Irma, Harvey, and Jose in the US lead to death of thousands of people.  


While most people in the US are trying hard to attract people's’ attention and destroy racism by making different movements (Black Lives Matter), there are, unfortunately, some other people trying to make racism thrive. A white nationalist neo-nazi group marched in Charlottesville, and one of the white supremacists injured several people and killed one women.


2017 was dark enough, so, hopefully, 2018 is going to be peaceful and bright.

Happy New Year!