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Waiting for final grade explained through GIF

Tis the season of holidays and crazy anxiety and stress because of finals. When finals began you might have thought to yourself, “How am i going to get through this” but here you are, done with finals.

Now this is a great time, you might be celebrating that the sleepless nights and sugar rushes are over but now it's time to wait…

Ahh yes waiting, waiting to see what your final grades are that will answer the questions you’ve been waiting for: Did i make my goal grade for this class? Will i make the dean's list? Did I barely pass this class that is a requirement for my major/graduation? Do I have to re-take this class..again?

So many questions with so much time to answer. But fear not because grades are due soon, very soon.

Whatever the grade you get weather it bad or very good. Just know you were able to accomplish it and we all get the same diploma when we graduate, it doesn't matter what your GPA is, as long as you finish you still get that diploma. So go on and live your best life and enjoy your break!

Gloria Gonzalez-Zapata is born and raised in Seattle,Washington. Currently she is a first year student at University of Washington Bothell and is majoring in Law,Economics, and Public policy with a minor in Arabic Both of her parents are immigrants, her mother is from Panama and her father is Mexican. she also has a brother and three younger sisters. Her favorite activities are spending time with her family, volunteering, working, and especially loves to travel to learn about other countries government, culture, and language.
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