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Top 10 Things To Do In Seattle On a Rainy Day

My top 10 favorite things to do on a rainy day in Seattle!


1.       Try all of Seattle best known coffee shops!

Hands down my favorite thing to do in Seattle. You can’t take a trip to Seattle without visiting one of their iconic coffee shops whether it’s the first ever Starbucks on pike, Moore coffee shop (above) or Storyville coffee company, you will leave feeling like a true Seattleite.


2.       Get your favorite take out dinner and look out at the Seattle skyline from your car

Perfect for a rainy day! Get your favorite take out from Shiro’s sushi restaurant or sandwiches from Zig Zag café and pull up to a romantic spot that overlooks the Seattle skyline (shown, Bhy Kracke park). Bring a date or go with your best friends! Either way, it’ll be a great time.


3.       Eat Seattle’s largest bowl of pho

At Dong Thap Noodles, they have the famous Pho Super Bowl Challenge consisting of four liters of broth, four pounds of noodles, and four pounds of meat. Whether you’re up for the challenge or not, this stop for Seattle’s best soup is a must to add to your bucket list.


4.       Visit the Seattle Art Museum

This well-known exhibit is one of many Seattle’s iconic art museums. A must if you’re trying to get out of the rain! Come walk through this visual arts experience and leave feeling inspired.


5.       Starbucks reserve & eatery

Stop by Starbucks reserve & eatery for the ultimate coffee experience. Starbuck’s tasting room (shown) consist of two coffee bars, a scooping bar, two roasting facilities, a coffee library, a store, a longue and a chic restaurant. This is the ultimate Seattle experience you don’t want to miss.


6.       Shop in Seattle’s Antique Market

Seattle’s antique market, right across from the waterfront, is the perfect stop for all your antique furniture, collectibles, and more! They’re constant adding new vintage items; come browse and then head up the stairs to Pike Place Market for some of Seattle’s famous chowder!


7.       Go rock climbing at the Seattle Bouldering Project

Your new take on Seattle’s popular gyms. Seattle Bouldering Project includes multiple rock-climbing walls, a typical gym, a restaurant and bar, and a sauna! There’s no better way to spend indoors in Seattle, while still getting a full work out in! Trust me, you will be so sore for the next few days.


8.       Visit Theo chocolate for the ultimate chocolate experience

For all your chocolate lovers out there, Theo chocolate is the perfect stop for a sweet treat. Walk through their chocolate factory and learn about the amazing transformation of cocoa to chocolate. Then visit the retail shop for some sweet treats to take home!


9.       Visit Seattle’s geometric shaped central library

Whether you’re inside or outside, this unique library structure will leave you speechless. Step out of the rain and step into this deluxe central library containing 11 stories and 1.45 million books. A spot you can definitely spend all day at!


10.   Spend a day at Seattle U-village

Shopping & food, what more to ask for? U-Village is always a go-to spot for young people for a chill shopping day or fancy dinner date. U-village is full of name brands and trendy shops like Molly Moon’s handmade ice cream.


Samantha is a current Business Marketing major and Visual & Media arts minors. She loves to write about relatable topics such as dealing with stress and mental health. Aside from that, her passions include yoga, style, & self care!
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